Friday, June 14, 2013

Recent Purchases

I recently bought some things, mostly in the mail, and I thought I would share :)

These are my favourite pair of sandals, and I am always afraid they are going to be discontinued so I have bought multiple pairs. They are about $35 on, which is a Zappos outlet site. Originally, they are about $160. 

I decided to buy an eyelash curler because I have mostly straight lashes and this was the highest rated on on Amazon. I got it for $13, but at Ulta they sell it for $20. I'll be sure to post a review after I've tried it a couple of times. But they do give you free pad refills for the life of the product so that's nice. 

This is the elusive MAC studio sculpt concealer in the glass jar. To my knowledge it has been discontinued and replaced with the plastic Studio Finish Concealer, which is not nearly as good. Considering this is my holy grail concealer, I'm pretty upset that I can't find them anymore. I got this one at one of those makeup outlet stores for $10, but they only had one is stock that was my shade (NC15). 

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