Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Ben Nye Neutral Set Face Powder.

Ben Nye is a company know for making theatrical and set makeup, and their face powders have become a big hit for everyday wear as well. The best known one is called Banana Luxury face powder. I was originally going to get that one, but I thought I would just be too pale for it. After all, Kim Kardashian uses it. So after watching some youtube videos and looking at swatches, I decided on the neutral set face powder, which is supposed to be colourless. It cost me $9 on Ebay, and I would have bought it off of Amazon but for some reason this colour was really expensive on there. 

The powder looks rather unimpressive on my hand, just like a plain white powder. But it is pretty deceptive. 

This is what it looks like blended in. Can you see it? Because I can't. It is extremely finely milled and feels super soft. It also has no colour so my face does not look yellow. And it stays on pretty well, and even when it does disappear, you don't see awful clumpy powder spots. 

This is the packaging. It slightly bothers me that they have no seal, but I can live it it. Also, I tend to shake a little on my clean hand, and then apply it to my face. But if you're not careful, you could spill powder everywhere because the holes on the sifter are rather big. Also, the amount of product is impressive. I could probably use this for a very long time before it runs out. Great stuff. 


  1. look like a great product! great post :) <3 <3