Saturday, June 8, 2013

Testing Urban Decay Samples for Naked Skin, Primer Potion, Moondust Eyeshadow, 24/7 Liner and Lush Lash Mascara.

These were the samples I got with my Urban Decay order, and I decided to try them all out and give them a a test run at the gym. See how it all turned out.

To start off my look, I applied the primer potion. It is the same one that I use already, so I know that it works. Then I applied the moondust eyeshadow according to the little picture they provided. Moonspoon is a very glittery grey colour, while Desperation is a more purple brown and not quite as shimmery. The picture indicates that it should look like a smokey eye, but the colours are really similar to one another and when applied, look the same with no depth.
This is my bare face (plus sunscreen), and on the right is the eyeshadow, 24/7 liner and mascara. 
The Naked Skin foundation came with samples of 4 colours and this little card you can match to your jawline. The lightest shade actually showed up on my jawline, which is not surprising because I am really pale. But I still decided to give it a go. 
This was the pod that they had for shade 2.0. I believe the shades are from 0.5 to 12.0. I also only used about 1/4 of the pod for my whole face so it is quite a lot of sample. 
Sigh. Pale people problems. 

As you can see, the 2.0 shade is too dark for me and you can obviously tell when contrasted with my neck. The picture on the right is after my 1.5 hour workout. The eyeshadow stayed on relatively well, the eyeliner fantastically, and the mascara I had to wipe under my eyes because I started looked like a raccoon on the treadmill. The foundation almost completely disappeared and I matched my neck again. 

In reality, I don't think I would buy full size products for any of these. I don't wear foundation anyway, even if the lighter shades fit my skin tone. The mascara was unimpressive and the eyeshadows were mostly glitter. The eyeliner was pretty good, but I wear liquid most of the time and have no reason to switch. So I think I will just stick with primer and eyeshadows from Urban Decay. 

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