Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Moar Hauls: MAC, Essie and Thayer.

The best part about being at home is going shopping with my mom.

I ended up getting this MAC Mattene Lipstick is Fashion Nomad, which is a true orange. Original cost was $15, I got it for $10.50.

I like it a lot for a bright summer colour. 

I also got the 234 eyeshadow brush. The sides are split so one side is synthetic hairs, and the other is natural. It was a limited addition brush that I found at a cosmetic outlet store, but originally cost $22.50. Mine was $15.75

The other side. 

 A lot of people have raved about this witch hazel, which comes in other scents such as cucumber and lavender. I think the rose smells very nice. $9.99 at Whole Foods Market. 

I found these in the Walgreens Clearance bins for $3. Shine of the Times and Good Morning Hope. 

What they look like together. 

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