Friday, August 23, 2013

Haul: Coming Home to Packages.

While I was away in Europe, several things came in the mail for me that I wasn't able to get to until recently. 

My hot pink Skin79 bb cream is a great product, but the entire line seems to be too dark for me, because I am really really pale. So I went over to the Missha website and ordered a sample pack of all their shades of bb cream for $2 and free shipping. It came with a sample of their bb booster, 5 shades of their perfect cover bb cream and one sample of their signature complete bb cream. I will probably pick the best shade and then wait for a missha sale to buy it, because I still have some Skin79 left. 

When I started wearing false lashes, I realized that they were kind of expensive. Usually $3-4 at the drugstore for okay ones. Since I'm not a lash connoisseur, I just wanted some cheap ones, so I ordered this giant pack from Amazon for about $2. They took forever to get here, but now I have lashes galore. I have not tried them yet, but I'll keep you updated in case you're interested in getting some disposable lashes. 

I bought another bottle of my favourite facial cleanser. I get it off Amazon for about $11. It's very gentle and doesn't dry out my skin or irritate it. The entire line doesn't seem to be popular, but I think it's great option for a soap free cleanser that's pretty cheap. 

Lush sent this to me for free after I emailed them complaining about their employees in one of their stores (thanks for telling me none of your facial cleansers have sulfates in them). 

I'm not sure if I'm going to use it because it looks and smells terrible. I appreciate the gesture but dear god, it smells like industrial strength cleaner. And it's not even ready to go, you have to rub it between your hands with water to make a paste. 

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