Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Korean Cosmetics Haul: Missha, Etude House, and Tony Moly

I havn't been able to resist trying some Korean beauty products lately. They're pretty inexpensive, and from my experience so far, work really well. And with packaging like that, it puts a smile on my face. 

At first I only bought one Petite Bunny Gloss Bar by TonyMoly. But I liked it so much I got a second one. The Juicy Strawberry is the light pink, and it goes on pretty sheer, they all do. The swatches on my hand are about 4 layers of the gloss bar. But I really like the effect they give, like a cross between a tinted lip balm and lipstick. The other one is in the shade Juicy Orange. Juicy Strawberry is a very light baby pink, while Juicy Orange is more of a red-orange.
They also have different scents too. Juicy Strawberry is a very sweet, cupcake like smell. While Juicy Orange is citrus-y. 
At about $5, they're a great deal and super cute. 

I feel like I am almost out of my Skin79 BB cream, but really I can't tell because the container is a cylinder of mystery. Either way, just in case, I thought I would try a different BB cream. I chose this perfect cover by Missha mostly because of the range of colours. I ordered a little sample batch and decided that 21 was the closest shade for me. 13, which is considered very very light also worked, but I looked more washed out with it. 

It comes in a little pump bottle and is scented. But I don't mind scented products. It smells very clean and fresh, although a lot of people describe it as "baby lotion". 

It blends well with the colour of my skin, maybe being a bit too grey, but that usually goes away after 15 minutes. 

After doing some extensive online research (aka reading something on reddit), I decided that I needed a toner. Apparently Asian toners make your skin softer and it is easier for it to absorb all of the products you put on afterwards (moisturizer, serum, sleeping pack, ect.) They don't contain alcohol like Western toners. Either way, this product has little to no scent. I've also been using it for a couple weeks now and I'm undecided.

I got this sample of the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, and it's actually quite a lot a sample. Considering how much I needed for one application, this is enough for at least 12. I also put in in a little sample container so I could dip a lip brush in it. 

It's a nice hot pink/red colour. 

On my lips. 

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