Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: Chanel Les Ombres in 42 Seduction.

Over the summer one of my flights was delayed so I had a bit on extra time in the Vilnius airport. Of course I wandered over to the duty free makeup store and really wanted to get one high end item that I usually wouldn't buy. Because spending another country's currency isn't like spending money. Right, RIGHT? 
Anyway, I settled on this eyeshadow quad by Chanel in 42- Seduction. 
Now, a lot of people say that everything is overpriced at the airport and even though it is duty free, you are overpaying. That is simply not always true. While I have personally explored mostly makeup, some of it costs less than what I would pay in the US, some of it costs more. In my experience, Chanel and Guerlain are usually cheaper. They also do weird things like selling different YSL lipsticks for different amounts, while in the US, at Sephora, they are all $34.
Because of this, I usually wander around duty free stores with two tabs open on my iphone, Sephora and a currency converter. And then I know exactly what I'm paying and how much it would be at home.
For this palette, I paid $43.50 euros. Given the current exchange rate, that's $57.89 US dollars. On the Chanel website, the quad costs $59. My state's taxes included, it would be $62.54. Even more if I wanted to buy it online and have it shipped. So it's not a huge savings, but enough for me to justify my purchase to myself. 

Chanel products usually come in a nice velvety pouch and I like to store my eyeshadows and powders in them so they don't get all scratched up. 

Also. My powders, blushes and quads all have the same packaging so sometimes it's hard to find what I want to use. But, details. 

The palette comes with a mirror on the inside, the four colours under a plastic cover and two cheapo brushes. I don't use them, but I can't bear to throw away anything Chanel. 

This palette is filled with warm neutrals. All of the shades are shimmery. The lightest colour is very close to my skin tone, and is a very soft and light gold. Then you have a light orange, a dark rose colour and a brown. 

To be honest, for being such an expensive palette, I do not think the colours are pigmented enough. On my arm they look pretty good, but on my face, you can barely see them. The brown is dark enough, and nice for creasework or even my eyebrows, but the rest are rather unimpressive. I have a lot of wet'n'wild colours, including some dupes for the lighter 3 in this palette, and they are a lot softer with better pigmentation. At least the Chanel shadows do not have any fallout. I also tried using them wet, but that didn't help matters. 

If I bought this from a store, I would return it. But I don't think making a trip to Vilnius to return this is a great idea. 

And the really weird thing is, I did swatch the colours in the store. And they were a lot softer and pigmented. So I am just really confused.