Saturday, October 19, 2013

Review: The Balm Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer in Lighter than Light

I've been using a lot of BB creams for my skin makeup recently, but there was a The Balm event on HauteLook and I decided to try their tinted moisturizer. Mostly because the "lighter than light" shade looked, well, light enough for me. Overall, it's not something that I would ever repurchase, but that might because I don't like tinted moisturizers, rather than there being anything wrong with the product. 

This is what the colour looks like. And that small pea sized amount is enough to cover my entire face, sans forehead, because I don't put makeup where my bangs fall. 
The Balm Shelter also has SPF 18, but that's pretty useless for sun protection. Mostly because a pea sized amount of SPF 18 doesn't provide anywhere near the recommended SPF 30 for your face. And if anyone is interested the SPF comes from Octinoxate (7.5%), Avobenzone (3.5%), and Octisalate (3.0%). 

This is the tinted moisturizer compared to NC 15 concealer from MAC. NC 15 is actually too dark for me, but as you can see, it looks quite a bit lighter. 

Here it is partially blended. 

And fully blended. As you can see, because the product provides such sheer coverage, I imagine the shade fits a couple skin tones. If you have very very pale skin, this might be a good tinted moisturizer for you because the colour is so light, I can't imagine it being dark on anyone. But, it also does not give much coverage. I'm the kind of person who either likes to have naked skin, or a product that covers up my hyper pigmentation and acne. But it does feel nice as a moisturizing product. 

I like to apply it with my Sigma F82.

And here I am wearing just the tinted moisturizer. It doesn't cover up the redness around my nose, or my under eye circles. BUT it does have a finish that is non greasy. Because usually when I wear BB cream or foundation on top of my sunscreen, I need to powder my t-zone so it doesn't look oily. This just has a nice, glowing finish though. 
You can get the Balm Shelter on the Balm website for $25. Unfortunately though, they don't seem to have the Lighter than Light colour at the moment. Also, the Balm frequently has events on HauteLook where you can get their products much much cheaper. I believe I paid about $14. 

I would say this product is for you if
*You have very pale skin
*You are not expecting it to provide your full sun protection
* You are looking for a nice finish rather than coverage

And here is a bonus picture of my super high bun that makes me look like a character out of a Tim Burton movie :)