Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thrifting and DIY: My Room :)

So, I have not been reviewing a lot of beauty items lately because I've been getting my DIY on. I never really decorated my room since I moved into my house, and it was bothering me, so come see what I came up with. 

Once upon a time, I bought this mid century modern table at a thrift store for $15. 

And I painted it blue! It works as a stand for my "little bit too short" mirror and jewelry box. The mirror was brown, but I painted it white, and simply glued yellow striped paper to part of it. My jewelry box was also brown, but I painted it a different blue with gold glitter on the drawers. And the ottoman is really my laundry basket, but I like it because it keeps dirty clothes out of sight, AND you can sit on it. 

Close-up of some of my terribly awkward collages hanging above the mirror. I like sheep. 

I can't paint this dresser sadly, because it came with my room. But I made a glamorous space for perfume and jewelry on top of it. I added my thrifted gold mirror, mirrored tray and a bunch of pretty knicknacks. I also painted a cardboard star and made tissue paper pom poms to hang from the ceiling. 

This is my bed. I made the world's cheapest headboard out of plastic blue plates from Walmart. 

This nightstand is one of my favourite pieces of furniture that I have painted. The drawer insert is sprayed with glitter spray paint, and looks nice against the plain gold. The blue fan is thrifted. And for the white and clear bowl, I taped stripes on a clear bowl and applied white spray paint. Also some provocative art I bought in Rome ;)

This is my vanity area (and my housemate :)). It's on a plain black desk that also came with my room, but I tried to spice it up with art and a mirror. My makeup stand is a couple thrift store candle sticks glued together with platters. 

And lastly, here are my babies :) 
I like plants I can't kill easily. 


  1. This is absolutely amazing!!! You're so creative, my dear. :)

    1. You are too! I want to see where you're living :)

  2. great blog dear,sound to me like a great idea to follow each other,so I will start now,hope you will do the same when u see this :)