Wednesday, November 20, 2013

4 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

I'm not a winter person. I don't ski, snowboard, or make snow angels, and my body temperature seems to be lower than average. With the way I act, you would think I was from somewhere tropical, and not Eastern Europe. BUT I do have some tips on making it through winter without becoming too miserable when it gets cold and dark outside. 
Of course, not everyone is living in a climate that's cold right now, but most of these tricks would probably raise your mood no matter what it's like outside. 
And when I say the 'Winter Blues" I'm referring to just general ickiness people feel during winter, not Seasonal Depressive Disorder, which I imagine would not be well treated by eating soup and lighting a candle. 

1. Going Through Your Lotion Stash

This might be a cultural thing, but I seem to get a ridiculous amount of lotion from friends and family. Oh, it's your birthday? Have some lotion. Christmas? Lotion. Groundhog Day? Lotion. So unsurprisingly, I have a large lotion stash that I never quite get through. But winter is the perfect time to start using all those weird Bath and Body Works scented gift sets. 
I find that my skin gets especially dry because of all the hot showers I take.  Which I know are bad for you, but they feel soooo good. Moisturizing well afterwards helps a lot. I also like to put extra lotion on my feet at night before I go to bed. So with this tip, you're going to be all smooth, moisturized and feeling productive because now you have an extra drawer for storage. 

2. Foot Baths

This is a weird one, but don't knock it till you've tried it. I got this from my parents because whenever they came home from work in the winter, they would go to the bathroom, sit on the edge of the tub, and dunk their feet in hot water. Since my mood seems to be directly proportional to the temperature of my extremities in the colder seasons, I really enjoy this. And you can make this is fancy as you want. Light a candle, add some bath oil, your favorite shower gel, get some tea or read a book. Sometimes I grab my phone, but most of the time I just sit there in warm, meditative bliss for a good 15 minutes. It's also great for study breaks or any type of "I'm bored of doing this" breaks. And of course, slipping your warm feet into slippers afterward is highly recommended. 

3. Eating Soup and Veggies

Nothing makes me feel terrible about myself like realizing that all I ate for the day was a muffin, 2 bagels, 2 slices of pizza and more cookies than should be eaten in a week. And when it's cold outside and I'm spending most of my day inside not moving around too much, it's easy to start eating not so well. Because of that, I like to make sure I'm eating soup and salad with every meal. It warms you up, and fills you up. I also eat them before anything else so I don't do the whole "oh I'm full I don't want the salad anymore". 
Also, I do eat in a dining hall at my university because I'm a cooking failure. And in case you are wondering, that's vegetable chowder and on the right is eggs and basil garlic tofu because I'm vegetarian like that. 

4. Burning Candles

While candles seem super popular on the internets (hello youtube beauty gurus), most of the people I know don't burn them. But a nicely scented candle lifts my mood so much. It makes any activity better. I always like to light one when I'm doing something not fun, like studying or cleaning. 

What are your ways to beat the winter blues?


  1. I live in Canada and when the weather starts turning cold I always joke I was born in the wrong dang country! I get lotions as gifts pretty regularly too. Maybe it is just common in cold places where you know everyone will eventually have dry cracked skin. I will definitely be trying that foot bath idea when I get home tonight! I can't believe I have never heard of it.

    1. You definitely need to try it. Especially with the Canadian winters :)

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  3. Thank you for taking the time to comment on our latest post - feeding those baby goats was such a blast! K & I are now your newest followers on GFC! :)

    P.S. That foot bath actually sounds like a great idea! I don't know if it's a circulation problem or what, but my feet are always SO cold!

    xo, B

  4. I only burn candles in the colder months since it creates the illusion of a cozier atmosphere. Foot soaks and lotions are year-round rituals for me!

  5. I totally get the foot bath thing. You can even get these purpose-made electric foot soak things with water jets and stuff... I'm too cheap for that though. Well, maybe.