Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Roundup: Study Hard Edition

I apologize for not posting much this week, but I had so much work that I was spending 6+ hours in the library every day in addition to going to my regular classes. But, the week is over, and I should have some more free time to devote to this blog. In reality, this friday roundup should just include me looking ragged and sleepy all week, but that would be no fun. 

I tried out a couple of different eye looks. The one on the left is some gold and the new Lorac liquid eyeliner I bought. I'm definitely impressed with its staying power. Also, I've been trying to do my wing on only the outer half of my lid lately. 
The second look is some gold and burgundy, which has been one of my favourite colour combinations lately. I think deep reds just scream fall. 

And of course, even when tired from an exam or studying, I always appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons around me. On the top left was a very beautiful evening sky that reminded me of cotton candy. Then, the leaves are still changing colour. In the lower left, was some snow we got during a particularly windy/rainy/cold day. And finally, one tree dropping its leaves created a yellow carpet at the bus stop.

The squirrels have been getting so big for the winter that they're like little fuzzy balls with heads. And finally, to take a break from studying this weak, I've been playing Angry Birds and Pudding Jump. 

How do you relax during a stressful week?

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  1. That is one fat squirrel. I usually relax by watching TV, though when I'm really stressed it's hard to focus on the plot... Angry Birds sounds like a good way to blow off some steam.