Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review: La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Daily Anti-Aging Primer with Sunscreen

I don't have too many products from La Roche-Posay. Their sunscreen gets a lot of love, but since I use a physical one, I have only tried a couple samples and never bought the full size. However, my mom actually recommended this primer to me and it is an amazing product. I think it blows the Porefessional and the Smashbox ones out of the water. 

What It Is

"For the 1st time, ANTHELIOS 50 combines broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with Cell-OX Shield™ antioxidant technology in a primer that is clinically proven to instantly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, dark spots, and redness. " (La Roche-Posay Website)

It is also:
Fragrance Free
Non Comedogenic
Paraben Free 
Tested on Sensitive Skin

And it claims to:
Provide daily broadband sunscreen protection
Correct lines, wrinkles, pores, dark spots and redness
Leave and smooth matte finish

I can definitely say that it leaves a smooth matte finish, the rest I'm not so sure. Especially not the sunscreen protection, but that doesn't make it any worse at priming. 


Where To Buy It/Cost

I have seen it at Ulta,, Amazon and CVS. I'm sure lots of other websites sell it too. 
Now. It retails for $39.99. Which seems like a lot for a primer. But you have to look at the amount. This primer is $39.99 for 1.35 oz. That makes it $29.60 per oz. 
Benefit's Porefessional is $40 per oz. 
Smashbox Photo Finish is $36 per oz. 
Therefore, the price per ounce is actually lower than the other mid-end primers. And I'm not sure what category to put La Roche-Posay in, since they are mostly skincare, but this primer is definitely somewhere around mid to high end. 


No smell. 


 Avobenzene 3%, Homosalate 10%, Octisalate 5%, Octocrylene 5%, Oxybenzone 6%. Inactive Ingredients: Dimethicone, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Talc, Diisopropyl Sebacate, Silica Silylate, Glycerin, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Water, Diethylhexyl Sryingylidenemalonate, Cassia Alata Leaf Extract, Maltodextrin.

I don't see any potentially irritating ingredients in this other than possibly the sunscreen, depending on your sensitivity to chemical sunscreens. 

I also want to say that I would not recommend using this as your primary sunscreen, I certainly would not. It would not provide adequate coverage due to dilution in the ingredients and of course, the amount you would put on. Unless you enjoy wearing a teaspoon of primer. So while I don't like marketing that implies this is just as good as sunscreen, nearly all companies do it, so I guess I'll let it slide. 

How it Looks/Feels

Isn't it beautiful? Just kidding. It's a very bland light beige colour. And the consistency is between the Porefessional and Photo Finish. Very silicone-y.It resembles marzipan, like I already mentioned before. Kind of crumbly too so make sure not to drop it on the ground before you put it on your face. (Not that that happened).

How To Use

I put this on after my sunscreen. The tube says to use it as the last step of your skin care routine. But it's pretty self explanatory how to use primer. I use about a pea sized amount. 

Does It Work

Yes. This is a fantastic product. I find that since I wear a physical sunscreen, it just makes everything I put on top of it look terrible. None of my foundations last more than an hour or so without looking oily. However, this primer creates a real barrier, so that my sunscreen stays put, along with my foundation and powder. You can feel it smoothing everything out and making a nice canvas for you to work with. I also really like the ingredients, which are made for sensitive skin. 

I'm not going to comment about it's sunscreen properties because I don't use it as such. But, it does have physical sunscreen ingredients, and while those usually irritate me, this does not. Probably because I don't use very much, and because it sits on another sunscreen. 

I also can't comment on the whole minimizing pores and fine lines. I use this as a primer, so I doubt it penetrates my skin through all of my other moisturizers and sunscreens. But if something happens, I'll let you know. 


Solid 5/5


  1. Great post :) I love the La Roche Posay products I have 5-6 of them and I love them all, I might do a full blog post of all them that I have :)