Thursday, December 19, 2013

Comparison of 3 Popular BB Creams

I don't use foundation very much. I do however, wear BB Cream everyday. 

I think the Skin 79 Hot Pink, Missha Perfect Cover and Lioele BB Creams are the most talked about in the beauty world, and I'll give you my take on them. 

What They Look Like

(Left to Right: Lioele Beyond the Solution, Skin 79 Hot Pink, Missha Perfect Cover in #21, Missha Perfect Cover in #13)

For a lot of you, this might be the most important part of the review. The swatches. However, BB Creams are not like foundation. Getting the exact shade is not as important, but rather how it oxidizes and blends with your skin. Here is a good example of my point. 

The top one is the Lioele Beyond the Solution and the bottom is the Missha Perfect Cover in #13. They are the darkest and the lightest on the swatch pictures. I think it's a good idea to take swatch pictures of BB Creams with a grain of salt, since on the face, a lot of them look similar. 


The Skin 79 Hot Pink is by far the oiliest. I would not recommend that one if you have oily skin. But before you just jump ship on that product, I would say that it looks very nice and dewy on normal and combination skin if set with powder. 

Missha Perfect Cover is somewhere in the middle. I think it would be suitable for any skin type. 

Lioele Beyond the Solution is the least oily. 


The Skin 79 Hot Pink gives the best coverage. I would equate it to a medium coverage foundation. It also gives that flawless face look. 

Lioele Beyond the solution is medium coverage. 

Missha Perfect Cover has the least. But it still does a pretty good job. If you want to cover acne though, you need a couple of extra levers. 


The Skin 79 Hot Pink is the "wettest" in my option. It goes on very smoothly and I probably need the least amount of product to cover my face. 

Missha Perfect Cover is somewhere in the middle. 

I need the most of the Lioele Beyond the Solution. It does not spread as easily as the other two. Plus, it is the most different from my skin tone initially, so if I miss a spot I feel like I look splotchy. 


I would not recommend using any of these BB creams as your only sun protection. 

Missha Perfect Cover has the most at SPF 42. 

Lioele Beyond the Solution has none (or so it says) but Titanium Dioxide is listed, which is a sun protecting ingredient. 

Skin 79 Hot Pink has an SPF of 25. 

Based on Amazon. But obviously you can find these at your favorite trusted Korean beauty website. 

Skin 79 Hot Pink $17.99
Missha Perfect Cover $13.50- $15.99 (Depends on the shade)
Lioele Beyond the Solution $14.95

And in case you trust Amazon reviews, all of these have a 4.5/5. 

Which One Should You Get

Skin 79 Hot Pink if you have dry or normal skin and want a good amount of coverage along with a dewy/glowing finish. 

Missha Perfect Cover if you want a good match to your skin tone and don't need as much coverage. 

Lioele Beyond the Solution is you have oily skin, don't want SPF and would like medium coverage. 

The Bottom Line

I use all of these BB creams interchangeably, depending on my mood or the amount of coverage I want. I think they are all good products.

None of them broke me out, so I can't comment on that.

As always, your mileage may vary so getting a sample pack before committing to any one is a good idea.

*Also if anyone noticed, some of the writing if missing from my Skin 79 Hot Pink one. That's because I spilled hot pink nail polish all over it and then tried to scrub it off with a rough sponge. 


  1. A nice comparision of these BB creams. Really nice review :)

  2. This is a good comparison, thanks for sharing. I think your point about BB cream looking less dramatic on the face than it does on the swatches is very true... Beyond The Solution looks almost brown on your arm. I still found that one too dark to use, but it wasn't completely ridiculous on me. :P

    1. Yeah. I think it's too dark for me too, but I kind of almost like that. Makes me look tan ;)

  3. Thank you for this. There are so many BB creams on the market now. It's nice to have a handy little comparison between them.

  4. I always wanted to try the Lioele bb cream! I've such good things about it. I really might have to try and review as well! But great post ! Great comparison (:


  5. I've tried all three. I think Missha worked best for my skin, while Lioele came in second. I hated the texture of the Skin79 though, it just felt bad on my skin.

    1. I can see how some people wouldn't like it. I find it very wet personally. Even after a mattifying powder.

  6. I don't wear bb creams. I'm still stuck on my foundations, but now I'm thinking I should try at least one. Great review of all of these!

  7. Thank you for this comparison post! I gotta get my hands on the Missha I think.

    1. Sure thing! And I think that one is a great BB Cream to try.

  8. My favorite one from these is the Lioele! Except am I the only one who thinks it smells weird?? o_o

    I have a giveaway going on where you can win any circle lenses you want :)

  9. Thanks for posting this comparison! I've been debating between Skin79 and Missha, but now I am leaning toward the Missha for sheer coverage on combination skin and a better color match.