Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Roundup: Christmas Edition

I've been having a hard time getting posts up while I'm on vacation because I don't have my laptop with me. But I wanted to share some pictures from Christmas and the holidays. I'm currently in Atlantic Beach, FL which is a nice little shabby chic beach town. 

Since we don't really do much on December 25th, my family went to go see The Wolf of Wall Street at a really really weird theater. They had these giant moths on the wall. And the popcorn was served in giant metal bowls that you had to give back. But it was nice. The movie too. 

How were your holidays?


  1. Well it looks lie you had a warm Christmas! I wish I could say the same... I spent my day running back and forth between different family things. I still had a good time though! Merry belated Christmas!

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  3. LOL at the theater with the moths and metal bowls! Looks like a fun time... I wish I was vacationing somewhere sunny right now.

  4. Nice photos! And you are so cute. *_* I follow your blog.