Sunday, December 22, 2013

Haul: The Itty Bitty Edition

I managed to do a quick little Christmas haul before I left for vacation. 

The first thing I got was a Sigma E40 brush from Amazon. It was $14.23. I never understand why I should order from when Amazon has authorized resellers. And usually, with prime, it's cheaper than getting if from Sigma since they have flat rate shipping. 
I got the E40 to use as a contour brush, because I kind of have a small face, and contour brushes are too big for me. This one is meant to be a fluffy blending eye brush but it is bigger than my entire eyelid. 

Then I got some neem oil. My back get very bad acne in the winter and I am at my wit's end at what to do. I have tried so many different washes and lotions, both medicated and not. I have heard that neem oil is great for acne spot treatment, so I'll give it a go. It was $14.50 on Amazon, which is kind of pricey but I wanted it to get to me quickly. 

And then my Hautelook order finally came. I got the LORAC Breakthrough Performance foundation in SM1. It was $10, when the original retail price is $39.95. So I feel like it's a good deal and hopefully it's my shade. 


  1. Hi :) I love your blog :) I'm following u and waiting for you to follow mine bye :)

  2. I hope the neem oil works for you! I have some that I use on my face as a spot treatment and it seems to help. Of course it smells awful, but if it's on your back maybe you won't notice as much. :)

  3. Nice haul ^_^ I had a bit of a back acne a few years ago, I used tea tree body wash and goats milk soap. It eased up a little, but quickly came back. I went to the doc and found a prescription that suited me and didn't give me crazy side effects. I got off it after about a year, I very rarely get pimples now. Which is great! :)

  4. Nice bargains. I wish it was easier to order off Amazon to Australia, usually the shipping is really high sadly. Looking forward to a review on the Lorac foundation :)

  5. I would love to hear a review of the Neem Oil once you have tried it out. I actually have the same problem on my back and shoulders. It isn't very bad now that I am older, but I have a tattoo on my back and sometimes I get acne there and it freaks me out.

  6. Great haul! That Sigma brush looks nice! :)