Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review: Influenster's Jolly Vox Box 2013*

I signed up for Influenster a while ago, and I finally got my first Vox Box. For those of you who don't know, Influenster is a community where they send you complimentary products and you review them on your blog/youtube/what have you. Even though these products were free, I am definitely going to give my honest opinion. I'm also not compensated for reviews or anything. 

(One swipe, no primer)

NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eyeshadow in Long Beach Sands ($2.99)

I have actually never tried the NYC shadows. I do own a bunch of Wet'n'Wild though. This trio is made up of very light neutrals. For some reason, I expected it to be matte, but I would say it is more of a shimmer finish. There is no glitter though. 
I think that for the price, this is an okay trio. The two left shades have better pigmentation than the one on the right, but they are all very light. I would have preferred this trio to have a darker color, to use in the crease, because the darkest color is still quite light. 
Overall though, I think this trio has worse color payoff than the Wet'n'Wild trios. The shadows have the same softness, but you just can't see them on the eyelid.  

Rating: 2/5
Just because I would have preferred to see a darker color for the third color and because the pigmentation is not very good. 

Puffs make magical tissues. They are soft. These are in a cute little pack. That is all. 

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer in Luna ($4.99)

I don't really like wearing lip glosses, so anything in a lip gloss tube immediately puts me off. But this is actually a lip lacquer. I'm not sure what that means, but I would say it's like a liquid lipstick that doesn't dry matte. It's not nearly a shiny as a lip gloss though. I like the finish. My hair did not stick to it too much when I went outside. 
I would describe the color Luna as a coral orange pink. I tried really hard to photograph a swatch of it, and I think the one with my lips is pretty accurate. The staying power of this isn't too hot. It comes off if I touch my finger to it. But it did last a couple of hours on its own. 
I wouldn't buy this simply because I don't like lipgloss/things that comes in those tubes. But for $5, I think this is a nice product for those who want a more moisturizing lipstick option. It reminds me of those NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes except not matte. 

Rating: 4/5
Because of staying power. 

Skinny Cow Candy ($3.49)

Influenster sent these to someone who is already a huge Skinny Cow fan. I love the caramel filled chocolates. Especially after I keep them in the fridge for a few hours and the caramel is super gooey. They are also 130 calories each and pre-packaged for people with little self control (me). Unfortunately I just don't like peanut butter, so I will have to give these to someone else. 

Rating: 5/5

Ducklings Mini Rolls ($2.69)

I was pretty excited to get this because I keep on seeing crafts all over pinterest where people customize their chargers with cute patterned tape. I think I'll definitely do that. Mine came with a blue flower pattern. I'm not sure how to rate tape on my scale, so I'll just say I think this is a nice product if you're into DIY. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this Vox Box. I expected to get random things I would never use, but they were all products that I enjoy (except the peanut butter). 

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes


  1. It's so weird that Rimmel changed Apocalips to Show-offs for the US. haha

    1. Maybe the marketing team drew possible names out of a hat.

  2. I got this box too, it's my first VoxBox.

  3. I'm still waiting to receive mine, but this does seem like a good box... is it weird that I'm actually happy to getting tissues? Puffs really does make the best ones, haha!

    1. No. I completely agree. More tissues please. I hope you get yours soon!

  4. I've seen Skinny Cow ice cream, I didn't know about the chocolates. I'll definitely be looking out for the caramel filled ones. I really like the Rimmel lip colour but it is a pain to have to reapply so often. Thanks for sharing, you were lucky to recieve that box. :D sparkle2day.com

    1. Thanks! And you definitely need skinny cow.

  5. I've never heard of the jolly vox box before, but it looks really good! I love how they mix it with makeup and food ^_^


    1. Yup. Put on some gloss, eat some candy. Perfect :)

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    mieli daikčiukai, labiausiai akį patraukė Rimmel lūpų 'lakas' :)

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