Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review: The New Black Demi Lovato Studded 3 Piece Nail Set

Apparently Demi Lovato has been collaborating with The New Black, and they have released a series of 5 different sets. And they were released on November 1st at Ulta and ulta.com. I received the "Studded" set from one of my good friends, and I'm really glad I got a chance to try it out. 

What It Is

The New Black is a brand known for DIY nails. They have a couple of sets that feature ombre colors or little embellishments to jazz up your manicure. I believe they also only sell miniature bottles which they say will last for up to 10 applications. So if you get bored quickly, their brand might be a good fit for you. 

And of course Demi Lovato is a celebrity known for various things. Feel free to google her. Apparently she likes manicures. 

Together they have decided on making a collection. 

Here are the other 3 piece sets along with mine in the middle. 


How Much It Costs/ Where To Get It

You can definitely buy these on the ultra website, but they seem to be be out of stock right now. They are also sold at the physical stores. The New Black official website thenewblack.tv also seems to have them. 

The 3piece sets are $14 and with this one you get a grey polish, a clear topcoat and a bottle of the silver studs. 

The price comparison on this is going to be a little wonky, but stay with me. 

So The New Black has the same price for all of their 3 piece polish sets. And you get 3 .125 ounce bottles in each set (or a bottle of embellishments). That makes each .125 ounce bottle $4.67.

Therefore, their polish is $37.36 per ounce. 
Butter London is $37.50 per ounce. 

Is their polish comparable to Butter London? No.

(PSSSST. Butter London is currently having an event on HauteLook where bottles are $7)


Smells like nail polish. 


The website doesn't seem to have a list, but they do say their colors are formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and DBP. 

How it Looks/Feels/Staying Power/Application

I don't have a particular talent for applying polish and this was my first time working with little studs/beads/thingies. And it was not too bad. I only did an accent nail. I applied two coats of the grey polish, one coat of topcoat, sprinkled the beads on, added a few more beads into spaces and then did two more coats of topcoat on top. I'm not sure if I would have the patience for an entire hand though. 

I also got the little beads EVERYWHERE. They just don't want to be in the bottle. I recommend doing this on a tissue or paper where you can easily clean them up if they spill and put them back into the bottle. 

The grey polish is pretty standard. It is opaque in two coats and looks like a medium grey. 

The topcoat is pretty nice and dries like a quick dry one. It is relatively thin though, nothing like Seche Vite. 

The main problem I had with this set was the chipping and pealing. The plain grey nails chipped within the same day of me doing them. 

The little studs also fell off very easily. And after I nudged my nail on the table, the entire studded part came off as one big piece. 

Therefore, I have to say that while the idea is cool and makes me feel like a serious manicure queen, I just can't deal with how quickly the polish and studs come off. 




  1. That looks really awesome. Too bad it didn't last though. The other sets they have look pretty cool too.


    1. Yeah, I'm a little sad too. I always like all those embellishment sets.

  2. Seems like a fun idea for a stocking stuffer, but probably not something I'd buy for myself. Still, it looks pretty good considering it was your first time applying beads like that!

  3. I've never heard of these before but they look nice:) I guess it would be a good practice with beads considering they don't last that long:)

  4. I got this set for Christmas and I'm just about to apply it to my nails. Thanks for the review because now I'll handle everything with extra caution. :)