Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Haul: Florida and Free Stuff

So while my mom and I did a fair amount of shopping in Florida (as expected), I only really bought three things. Which for me, is unexpected. But in reality, I didn't want to carry a very heavy bag on the plane because I am a flying diva. 

1. Sugar Paper Planner ($9.99)

I found this at Target in their stationary section. Sugar Paper is a cute brand from LA that makes stationary, planners and whatnot. I needed a planner so I thought this gold one was nice. 

2. Pretty Pocket Puzzles ($3.99)

My mom got this for me actually. Because I love crossword puzzles and these come in a little book covered in shoes. 

3. Grey Skinny Jeans ($11.99)

I didn't take a picture of these because I'm sure everyone can imagine what they look like. But I was very surprised by how well Target skinny jeans fit me. 

4. Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet ($18.00)

I got this at their outlet store. It was half off from half off the original price. And I've wanted one of these since I was like 14. I won't be putting any charms on it though. 

5. Louis Vuitton Capucines Shoulder Bag (???)

This was my mom's Christmas present to me. I wanted a black cross body bag and I really love the gold hardware on this. I'm actually not a huge fan of Louis Vuitton, especially the traditional monogram, but I find their black leather bags very classic. 

These are all of my freebies that I came home too. Lots of magazines. I've already gotten 3 issues of Vogue, so I wonder how many more they'll send me. I also got this J Crew sweater from Twice after they had a promotion where you sign up and they gave you store credit. 


  1. I agrre with you about LV I dont like the "classic" monogram but the one you received is soo classy and pretty! I like it more.. :)
    also I love stationery I collect a lot from Japan and South Korea *_*

    Alice's Pink Diary

  2. Nice post <3

  3. What a successful shopping trip!! I love the planner & that charm bracelet is beautiful!

    xo, B

  4. There's very little that I like about Louis Vuitton handbags besides the quality, but the black leather and simple monogram is indeed very classy. :)

    I've nominated you for a Liebster award. If you wish to accept it, you can read more about it here:

    Have a great day, Giedre!

  5. That LV bag and Juicy Couture bracelet are so pretty, something you can wear with anything!