Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years, Updates, Resolutions and More

Happy New Years Everyone! I'm finally back from Florida so I should be posting on a consistent basis again. I thought I would be able to on vacation, but as it turns out, my parent's beach house is in a cell phone dead zone so my little T-Mobile hotspot doesn't work so no internet. Boooo. 

I was able to see some nice fireworks in downtown Jacksonville, and the weather was definitely more festive than here in Michigan. 

Jacksonville has some nice scenery down by the river. 

I refinished this bench for my mom. It was originally brown and she wanted a white shabby chic look. I think it came out nicely. 

We also visited some nice gardens at the Cummer Museum. 

I'm not really big into New Years Resolutions but there are some things I want to either start or continue doing this year. 

Go To The Gym 

I actually did this last year too and I was pretty good about it. The only thing that limits me is my back. I learned that no, I can't do 100 sit ups a day and not irritate my lower back. So this year I want to go to the gym, but do it in a smarter way, where I'm not doing potentially dangerous things. 

Eat Better

I'm pretty good about this too. I only fall off the wagon around holidays. I'm pretty good at avoiding fast food and stuff like that, but I love sweets. 

Journal Better

I started keeping a journal around a month ago, but I find that I have just essentially been writing what I do everyday. If someone were to read it after I was dead, I'm sure they would think I was a giant snooze fest. So I really want to go deeper and actually write about my thoughts. 

Not Buy Anymore Drugstore Makeup

I've decided to quit this one cold turkey. All of my silly impulse buys add up and then I have too many things that I never really use. I don't use any drugstore makeup on a daily basis that I consider essential. So this shouldn't be too bad. 

What are your new years resolutions?


  1. I've been meaning to be better about journaling too. My problem is that I just forget to do it for long periods of time... I actually started writing in one on January 1st, and then yesterday I realized I had gone several days without writing in it at all because I had totally lost track of time. Oops? Good luck with your goals in any case.

  2. Florida looks lovely this time of year! (The garden at the museum looks beautiful.) I've never been able to keep a journal, but I know it's good for the soul. Welcome back to winter!

  3. Looks like you had a great holiday! The only resolution type thing I am doing this year is a spending ban for the next few month. Happy New Year! :)