Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review: Neem Oil.

Neem oil seems all the rage these days. I've been reading about it for a while, and how it reduces acne flare-ups and helps a lot with body acne. After reading a lot of nice stories about how it's a miracle product, I decided to give it a try. And I was disappointed. It certainly didn't make anything worse, but I didn't see the results I wanted.


Obviously neem oil comes in many different packages from different brands. Mine is from Therameen Naturals and comes in a little bottle with a pipette. Which is where the problems begin. Neem oil is liquid at 24-27 degrees Celsius. For those in the US, that's 75 -98 degrees Fahrenheit. My house is usually around 70. Therefore, the neem oil is solid and the dropper is useless and really frustrating. I have to use a scoop and hope type of method to get it out. 

What It Is

Neem oil is oil made from the seeds and fruits of the neem tree, and has about 38785 uses. Feel free to read up on them on Wikipedia. I'll mostly be focusing on the benefits it has toward skin. It's anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic (provides pain relief). All of which sound great for acne treatment. It has a high fatty acid content, for helping scars heal, along with antioxidants and vitamin E to balance and improve skin tone. 

Where to Buy/Cost

I bought my neem oil on Amazon here for $10. That's more expensive that other places, but I wanted 2 day shipping from prime. You can also get it at Garden of Wisdom here, for $4. Otherwise, I'm sure there are a lot of online stores that sell it. 


This smells bad. No matter what way you want to phrase it. It's a combination between bad bananas, garlic and peanuts. I only put it on at night, because if I put it on in the morning, I would be afraid of other people smelling it on me. I also had to wash my pillow case and sheets more often because they started to smell like neem oil. 

How It Looks Like/Feels

The color is like bees wax, although I have read that different neems oils can have different colors. At my room temperature, it was the texture of vaseline. But it melts easily on skin contact and becomes a liquid oil. It doesn't melt into the skin immediately, but rather takes 20 minutes to be fully absorbed. 

Does It Work

I think that it works as an oil moisturizer. I put it on my face along with my back, and it did make my face feel less dry. But there are so many oils that do that, and smell better. As for acne healing properties, I was just not impressed. I have acne on my back thats not very red and inflamed, but just very hard to get rid of. Unfortunately, the neem oil did not heal them very much. It did not exacerbate them either though. 



Just not worth it. 


  1. Hmm, that's too bad. I feel like I've had some success with neem oil and reducing acne flareups on my face, but OMG the smell. I sometimes end up using other treatments just because I don't want to stink of chicken grease and burnt peanuts.

  2. Glad I read this. I've been contemplating purchasing some neem oil lately. Sad to hear it doesn't work that well, though!

  3. it's nice to see a blogger talk about body acne, a lot of people get it!
    I haven't heard about this oil before, but if I need it I will defo check it out!



  4. I have some body acne. I was hoping you would tell us this was the miracle solution. Too bad!

  5. I have to agree, neem oil smells DISGUSTING. I had to use it once for something and to me it smells like paprika, cumin, every spice on the planet, and herbs combined. Yuck. Too bad it didn't help. =(