Friday, February 14, 2014

February Pop Sugar Must Have Box

Overall, I wasn't too impressed with this month. All I seem to be getting are things that I would regift to other people, but few products I would want to keep. Pop Sugar is a lifestyle box, where for $40 a month, they send you the best beauty, home, fashion and miscellaneous things from that month. Here's what I got. 

Gorjana Brooks Jewelry Roll ($45)

Lol. Who in their right mind would pay $45 for a fake leather jewelry roll? I think this would be a nice regift though. They also included a $25 gift card to the Gorjana website, which I used on a cute midi ring. I'll post a review once it gets here. But from what I can tell, Gorjana is just a really overpriced jewelry website. 

Nourish Organic Aragan Face Serum ($23.99)

So. I'm afraid to use this after the fiasco with the Nourish Organic Face Lotion in my January Ipsy bag. (Spoiler: it was awful). But I will probably use this up because I ran out of my Mizon serum. 

NCLA Nail Polish in Rodeo Drive Royalty ($16)

Yes. Yes to all dark red nail polishes. On other blogs this looked like a true red, and I was pretty ambivalent about it. But now, it looks very vampy and much darker in person. I think I'll keep this one too. I've never tried NCLA polish, but I've heard they're pretty good. 

Model Co Lip Pops Duo Lip Gloss and and Lipstick ($16)

Another product that looked very meh in other reviews. The lipstick side is actually a very nice MLBB shade for me. I don't like lip gloss, so I probably won't use the other side. But the wand on the lip gloss side is like 1 inch long. It looks like it was made for cats or something. 

Sugar Wish Candy Cinnamon Hearts ($6.25)

I hate cinnamon hearts. I'm sorry. On the bright side, someone will be getting a very cute box of cinnamon hearts from me. 

K Halls Design Peony Candle Tine ($11)

I'm unsure about what I'll do with this one. It's so small. It must go with the tiny lipgloss applicator from the Model Co Lip Pops. 

Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash ($3)

A lot of people were really upset about this being included. I'm okay with it. I'll use it. No worries. 

Here's a bonus picture of the lip color. 

The total value of this box was $121.24, but I honestly only loved a couple of things. Not a great month for Pop Sugar. 


  1. The lip colour looks amazing on you though. One of the reasons I stopped with beauty boxes is sometimes it's complete misses...

  2. Great post !!Love the Gorjana Brooks Jewelry Roll !!
    Following you 72,hope you will follow me back!