Thursday, February 20, 2014

Haul: Embarking on New Shaving Adventures

I am bad at shaving. I can't get my hairs short enough. I get lumps and bumps and ingrown hairs. And I have zero patience for it as an activity. I have tried all sorts of razors, shaving creams and techniques. And most recently, I was following a routine that a stripper posted on reddit. If she's not an authority on shaving, I don't know who is. Anyway, I still wasn't getting the results I wanted.

Then I found a subreddit called /r/wickededge. It's mostly a community of guys (and a few girls) who really love shaving with old school safety razors. They also have a ton of info on different shaving balms, creams and potions. So I decided to give their routine a try. But first I needed to get all of the essentials they recommend.

For the actual razor, I went with the cheapest kind that still had good reviews, which was the Lord one. These safety razors can be super duper expensive, so I wanted to try one out to see if I liked it before I splurged. I got mine for $12 on Ebay. It also came with extra blades. I ordered a different pack of blades that are considered better but they're coming from Japan, so it might be a while.

Another necessity was shaving soap and a brush to create a nice wet lather. Apparently using shaving cream for this is frowned upon. So I simply went to Walgreens and got a Tweezerman shaving brush and Van Der Hagen shave soap. Tweezerman I have heard of before obviously, but Van Der Hagen was a completely new brand to me. The brush was about $14 and the soap $3. I also like how the soap comes in a little dish instead of just a bar by itself.

The merits of shaving with a safety razor are supposed to be the price, and the quality of the shave. Apparently, it's much closer and less bumpy. And you're obviously paying like 10 cents per blade rather than a couple dollars for a new disposable razor.

Anyway, I'll let you guys know how it goes. I don't expect to very very fast or accurate for my first try, and if I don't maim myself, I'll consider it a success.

Have you ever tried shaving with a safety razor?


  1. I just wax my legs! It sounds painful but you get used to it!
    Alley xoxo

  2. You'll have to let me know how this goes. I hate, hate, hate shaving. It's so tedious and I always seem to miss a patch.

  3. I love your blog

  4. I've never used a safety razor, but I'm intrigued. Would love to know if this really makes a difference in terms of bumpiness!

  5. I've always been using the venus blades (can't remember what they're called exactly), they have soap bars on the sides of the blades so you don't need to apply shaving soap beforehand. I really recommend them!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.