Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Review: Lorac Pro Palette

I purchased this because of a spur of the moment decision during Ulta's Friends and Family sale, and I'm actually very glad I did. This palette is definitely worth all of the hype it gets, and then some. In fact, this had turned into my most loved/desert island palette.

What It Is

"Go PRO with the LORAC PRO Palette! Created by celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, this PRO artistry palette is packed with 8 Shimmer and 8 Matte Eye Shadows in all the shades you need to create the hottest looks straight from the Red Carpet. LORAC’S velvety-smooth shadows are infused with soothing botanicals and are ultra-pigmented to perform wet or dry so you can shade, shadow, line and define your eyes, just like a PRO " (LORAC website). 

The palette is essentially the perfect combo of matte and shimmer shades for most neutral looks. You can also get pretty dramatic with the darker shades too. 


I like how sleek the palette is, and it comes with a pretty large sized mirror (that I will never use). However, the outside is made of this material that gets dirty very easily and picks up dust, which is less than ideal. 

Where to Buy/Cost

This palette is $42 and is sold on the LORAC website. You can also find it in Ulta stores and online. Sephora has been getting rid of their LORAC stock, so some might have them in store, but they are no longer on the Sephora website. Nordstrom.com also carries it, but they are currently backordered. I got mine for $34 because of my coupon code.

Price wise this palette is $42 for .32 oz, making it $131.25 per oz.
Urban Decay's Naked palettes are $50 for .60 oz or $83.30 per oz.

Pigmentation/Staying Power

The pigmentation on these shadows is awesome-sauce. Some of the lighter ones don't show up on my skin because I'm just very pale, but they're definitely there. Although I have to say that two shades in particular stand out for being not as pigmented and hard to work with: Champagne and Slate. Champagne has a lot of fall out and just doesn't build up well. Where as Slate looks muddy and dirty. But the rest are all winners. 
Texture wise, these are very smooth and buttery. When I first put my finger in them, I was legitimately surprised how soft they were. 
I also have no problems with staying power. I use my Urban Decay primer potion. The primer they included with the palette is also very good. 

Shimmer shades on top, mattes on the bottom. 2 swipes no primer. 

The lightest 8 colors. Some are very close to my skin tone. 

Look at dat shimmer. 

Some looks I did with it. 

Final Thoughts

I think that this pallete is a must have. Especially if you enjoy neutral looks. The shadows are great on all fronts. 




  1. The first time I used the black I actually said out loud "whoa that is pigmented."

    1. It is quite nice. I can't say I use black very often though.

  2. love the eye looks :) I was never interested in this palette until recently, but now I really want it!


    1. Thanks! It's definitely a must have for me now.

  3. I want this palette so bad!!! I think I have an issue when it comes to neutral eye palettes! Great post! I look forward to your next post!

  4. Really great inspiration! That‘s really so beautiful! Tell me if you would like to follow each other?! Would love to hear from you! Lots of Love Kyra♡

  5. Great review! I adore my LORAC Pro Palette! =)

    Linh @ blushology.net

  6. This is such a gorgeous palette, with absolutely beautiful colours!
    Great review, I haven't tried it yet but will definitely have to add to my list!

    Stop by my blog sometime if you'd like! Feedback would be great as I really want to improve my blog!
    -Magenta x

    1. Aw thank you! And I'll definitely take a look.

  7. Fab post doll, the palette looks and sounds absolutely amazing, I can see why it is so coveted :) Beautiful looks doll, really dazzle on your eyes :)x

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  8. It's nice to see a neutral palette with so many matte shades! Thanks for posting this!


  9. Great info!! Your blog is so fashionable! :D
    You have a new follower and hope you can follow me back as well! :D

  10. Great post, what beautiful shades , need to check this palette out !


  11. I have a ulta right next to me and I literally have never been. Right!? A girl living next to a make up store is bad news though. Your posts however are going to make me a super poor gal. :( haha. By the way missy, your hair is BEAUTIFUL! I want your hair color!

  12. I always see this pop up in YouTube tutorials so it's awesome seeing a review on it! I know Lorac has been getting a ton of attention lately so it's sad to see Sephora doesn't carry much of it anymore, luckily other places still do though so I can give the brand a shot soon :)

  13. Pretty eye looks! The palette looks really nice.