Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Top 5 Favourite Oils

I fully understand that having a top oils post is weird. But I really like different oils. So much that I probably belong in over-moisturizers anonymous. 

However, I feel like there has really been a huge surge in using oils for beauty purposes. I've seen oodles of videos/posts on oil cleansing method, hair oils, oil massages and beauty oils. Even Sephora now has a section for beauty oils, which I'm pretty sure they didn't have in the past. From my perspective, the Josie Maran Argan Oil seemed to be the one that started popping up on youtube and blogs, and then the craze began. 

So without further ado, here are my favorite oils that I use on a daily basis, and where I buy them. 

1. Coconut Oil.

This was the oil that really converted me. I love the way coconut smells. And after I had read that it's very good for the hair, I started putting it in my locks before I showered. Then I moved on to slathering it all over my entire body. And making scrubs. And taking off my makeup with it. It's great for almost anything. 

Suggested Uses: Makeup Remover, Moisturizer, Hair Mask, Scrub (With Brown Sugar), infinity. 

Drawbacks: Some people find that coconut oil exacerbates acne. I wouldn't use this on the face as a moisturizer. It's also easy to go overboard with it as a hair mask, and be left with greasy hair. 

I get my giant gallons of coconut oil at Costco foe $20. But they are sold at any grocery or health food store. 

2. Mineral Oil. 

I use baby oil, which is essentially mineral oil with fragrance. Because of the fragrance, I like to use it on my body only, and mainly for shaving. I find that it really helps me get a close shave and prevents ingrown hairs and bumps. It also leaves shaved areas very soft. 

Suggested Uses: Shaving, Moisturizer

Drawbacks: Just the usual, make sure you're not allergic and test patch to avoid a bad reaction. 

I buy my baby oil from Walmart in their store brand. It's about $2 per bottle. For pure mineral oil, you might have better luck online. 

I bought Apricot, Tea Tree and Neem oil on Amazon because I have zero patience. Don't be like me, and buy them for much cheaper at the grocery store or an online shop like

3. Apricot Oil.

This is my favorite oil for doing oil cleansing. I don't like to do pure oil cleansing, where you rub the oil in, and then remove excess with a washcloth without actually washing your face. I prefer to rub it in, give my skin a nice massage, and then follow with a gentle cleanser. But I find this oil to be a little bit lighter, than say, olive oil and very nice for the face. 

Suggested Uses: Oil Cleansing Method (Or your own version of it). 

Drawbacks: None for this specific oil. 

4. Tea Tree Oil.

Tea tree oil is actually an essential oil, making it different from the rest of the oils on the list. But I think it's a great spot treatment option for acne. You can also use it for fungal infections, lice and ringworm. But I have personally not had the misfortune of having to use it for that. I do however, like to put some tea tree oil on suspicious spots on my face when I have to go out in public and can't really do an overnight treatment. I have also mixed it in with a plain body wash to use on my back.

Suggested Use: Acne treatment

Drawbacks: Do not put undiluted tea tree oil on your face without testing it. You can get burns from it. I use a 50/50 mixture with water as a spot treatment. 

5. Neem Oil

Neem oil also seems to be a really popular oil lately, with a lot of people claiming it has great acne fighting abilities. I have personally not experienced that. However, I find that on the face, it does help with reducing redness and blotchiness. I tend to put it on in the morning if I seem very red, or if  (ahem), I've been drinking and want to look more well rested. 

Suggested Use: On da face. 

Drawbacks: Awful smell. Like really awful. Air yourself out before you interact with other people. 

It might be surprising that argan oil is not on this list, but I'm not a huge fan of it. I find that it is super expensive compared to other oils, without having any sort of special properties. 

Are you a fan of using any oils in your beauty routine?


  1. I use coconut and apricot oil on a regular basis as well. I'm glad to see someone covering apricot oil. It doesn't seem to get much love from blogs...I don't know why because it's awesome. I sometimes mix it with jojoba oil, coconut oil, and sugar for a scrub. I haven't heard of Neem oil until now, but I'm off to look it up! Thanks for posting this!

    1. Oooh. Mixing that into a scrub is a great idea. I find that my coconut oil and sugar scrubs tend to be a bit too solid, so a liquid oil might be a great addition.

      Neem oil gets a lot of love on reddit. If you frequent those corners of the internet.

      And sure thing :)

  2. I've never seem apricot oil.. Will def have to be on the look out for it.. Sounds amazing !

  3. I absolutely love coconut oil and my mother has been putting it in my hair since I was a child! I just recently started using it as a makeup remover too and it hasn't aggravated my acne prone skin (though I guess everyones skin is different).

    1. Yeah. It doesn't irritate mine either, but I hear a lot of horror stories so I wanted to warn people.

  4. I was using coconut oil on my damaged hair a few months ago, and although it helped, I'm actually not a fan of coconut-scented things - weird, I know. I'm not familiar with apricot or neem oil, but I've definitely learned more about them now. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading.

      And I love coconut oil in hair. Super hydrating.

  5. I love coconut oil! I use it for everything it can be used for! Though, I have never heard of apricot oil?

    Isz. xx from

  6. Totally digging your oil collection :). Loving the coconut oil at the moment, it's so versatile!


  7. I've tagged you in the beauty blogger tag, see to find out more xx

  8. If you're ever looking for pure mineral oil in the drugstore, you may be able to find it in the laxatives section - yum. I use jojoba and rosehip oil pretty often for moisturizing purposes, and neem when I can stomach the smell... oh, and coconut too (though I eat it more often than I slather it on my body). I've never tried apricot oil, will have to look into that.

    1. You're right Rebecca, I remember seeing it there too.

      Jojoba is nice. And rose hip too. I think I like almost all oils really.

  9. Wow, I never thought of mixing Tea Tree Oil with my body wash (horrible bacne! I know, TMI. TMI. Lol), even though I have a gigantic 4-oz bottle of it. I add a capful of it to a load of laundry at a time, to make everything smell fresh and clean (the scent of the oil goes away after the laundry is taken out of the dryer, and the clothes just smell like clean soft fabric). Chic and Alluring

    1. I have bacne too. It's awful. I'm still trying to find a good cure for it.

      And that's a great idea to add it to the wash.

  10. This is an awesome list! I have been meaning to pick up some apricot oil to try for cleansing my face. I currently use mineral oil to remove my makeup daily and tea tree oil for a ton of different things! I have heard that coconut oil makes a great natural conditioner for your hair after cleansing too, which I plan on trying soon. Great post!

  11. I don't think having a top 5 oils post is weird- in fact it's unique! And I like reading about the different oils people like to use so your post is very helpful =D I like coconut and tea tree oil too, although I've never seen apricot oil around- it sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing! Like your blog too btw, having lots of fun reading your posts xxx
    Beautee Beauty

  12. I love oils so much! My favorites right now are sweet almond and rosehip, though I'm thinking about getting some pure mineral oil and apricot kernel when I run low.

    As an aside, since you have such long hair and you use the coconut oil as a hair mask, do you think the coconut oil you're putting in your hair is exacerbating the acne on your back?

    1. That's a great suggestion actually. But I only put coconut oil in my hair before showering, when I have clothes on. And when I wash my hair, I do the bend over and wash method.

  13. Really interesting post! I've never considered using any types of oils other than for my hair, but seeing all the different possibilities with the ones you mentioned make me really wanna try some of this stuff out :)