Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara*

So, I received this mascara from Influenster, for being a badge runner up. I literally have no idea what that means. But free makeup is free makeup, so I decided to do a lithe review of what they sent me. As you guys probably know, my favorite mascara is the They're Real by Benefit. But it seems unfair to compare a drugstore mascara to a more mid end one. So I decided to go a little bit easier on it. I also feel like I have been pretty negative in reviews lately so I really tried to be more fair. But as you'll see, that proved to be hard. 

Also, please enjoy my more artsy mascara photos. I was working with some strange lighting. 

The packaging is okay. It comes in a relatively fat tube with a black and white design. I guess it's a bit retro. 

The brush is what I would call a swirly bumpy design. I really can't do any better than that. I actually quite liked it though, it made it easier to coat the lashes closer to my inner eye. 

And now for a glamorous before / after shot. 

It did volumize my lashes. I do like to put multiple coats on because my lashes are kind of sparse, and they did clump a little bit. But then I brushed them out and it looked pretty good. The formula is also very black. 

HOWEVER. I got a ton of mascara on my top lid. And it's not exactly my first time putting on mascara. So that was frustrating. Luckily I was not wearing a lot of shadow so I just q-tipped it off. 

Now. All of this is well and fine. But a lot of mascaras are black and volumizing. What I care about is smudging and how well it stays put. 

Nope. This is after 6 hours. I had a lot of smudging under my eye and flaking. And I don't even have oily skin or wear foundation. 

Rating: 2/5
This mascara makes me look like a drug addict. 

*I received all of this stuff complimentary from Influenster and I'm definitely not compensated for reviews. Otherwise, that would be a waste of money for Rimmel. 


  1. Hmmm...that is pretty bad. I was curious about this mascara, but I guess I won't try it now. Chic and Alluring Blog

    1. Yeah. I mean. Maybe it works for different people. But I think I might just throw this one out.

  2. I had the same experience. I LOVE Cover Girl lash blast and have used it for years. I was in the process of buying a home so I was pinching pennies and found this for buy one Rimmel product get one 75% off. Gave it a try and hated it. I've since tried a couple other mid/high end ones including "They're Real" and just keep coming back to Cover Girl. Why fix it if it ain't broke right?

    1. I definitely agree. Especially if you wear mascara every day. Then it's worth it to get the one that looks the best.

  3. LOL at your disclaimer. I just got a tube of this from Influenster too but haven't opened it yet... I guess I should be really excited after reading this? :P

    1. Haha. At least it's free!

      And you never know. It has great reviews on Influenster.

  4. Thanks for reviewing this! Finding a perfect mascara is difficult for me too. I prefer a waterproof mascara as I don't have curly lashes.