Saturday, May 24, 2014

What I've Been Up To

So. I have not been blogging too much because even though it's summer, I'm taking some extra classes. Therefore, I thought I would do a little update post. Here is a bouquet that my boyfriend got me. I tried the trick of putting sugar and vodka in the water, and these flowers lasted 2 weeks. I'm not even kidding. Which is awesome. Usually I feel so sad if my flowers die in a couple of days. 

Here was my tipsy for the month. Honestly, I didn't even try out most of the products so I didn't want to do a post on it. From swatches, I can see that the eyeshadow is pretty bad and the nail polish is just not my color. And I have not gotten to the other things yet. 

I've been trying to get into cooking more, which is totally not a skill I possess. Here is some pasta salad and a pavlova. 

And for when that doesn't work, I like to go out to eat. Here is some crab stuffed shrimp. 

And finally, my favorite football team, Real Madrid, won the Champions league after 12 years. I'm basically one of those crazy obsessive fans and spent today screaming a lot at my tv. 


  1. Wow thanks for the tip to keep flowers fresh... Stunning bouquet your boyfriend has great taste.

  2. Gorgeous flowers! And yay fooooootball!

  3. I've never tried sugar + vodka, but I worked at a florist years ago and my boss swore by 7-UP to keep cut flowers fresh longer. Of course we didn't use it in the shop because that would have been cost-prohibitive. Those little packets of powdery stuff that sometimes come bundled with fresh flowers actually do help too.