Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 2014 Glossybox Review

I don't think that any beauty box will ever come close to the May Glossybox, so it's hard to compare this month's box to last months. However, I quite liked the June box. While the value was not too high, I will definitely use most of the products. 

Glossybox is a more luxury product beauty box that ships you 5 samples or full sized products a month for $21. And they have my favorite packaging out of any beauty box. If you're interested, you can check it out by clicking here, using my referral link. 

Rusk Texture Dry Finishing Spray ($4)

This was probably the best smelling product in the box. Which is kind of funny for a box with two lotions. I think this is a nice texturizing spray. My hair works well with these types of products because it's already wavy. I'm not sure I would buy the full size of this, but I'll use it up. 

Camille Beckman Hand Therapy ($10)

This is an okay product. The smell is citrus mixed with something but it's not particularly good. I have dry hands though, so I can never have too many on the go sizes of hand creams. 

Ayres Patagonia Body Butter ($4)

Again. Kind of a strange smell. But lotion is lotion. 

Strange Beautiful Color Block Duo ($18)

This is the one thing that I just won't use because I'm not a fan or either red or blue. I wish they would include more neutrals in beauty boxes because I think I have disliked every nail polish Glossybox sent to me. 

Sumita Beauty Champagne Eyeshadow Pencil ($18)

There is no way this color is champagne. It's taupe. And I like this a lot. The pencil is very soft and goes on smoothly. I had to set it with powder because it felt sticky on my eyelids otherwise. But it's very nice for those one shadow eye looks. 

The overall value of this Glossybox was $54.00

A step down from last months but I quite liked it. 


  1. After the Bergdorf Goodman box, all Glossyboxes afterwards can't live up. But I must say, I love the box design!

  2. Oh, I love Camille Beckman hand creams! The glycerin content is so high that if you do the following, you'll have the smoothest, softest hands ever: after you've washed your hands, don't wipe them dry. Instead, pat dry but leave them very damp, apply your Camille Beckman hand cream.

    Anyhow, I can see why you don't like the scent; I like lemongrass, but it can smell a bit too herbal-y/botanical to some people.


  3. That's definitely not champagne. Are you drunk, Sumita? Looks nice anyway though.

  4. Love how nice the sizes of these products are compared to some other monthly boxes! The idea of getting a few random products every month sounds so exciting but I still haven't had the courage to subscribe to any of them yet heh. Glossybox is definitely at the top of my list though :>