Monday, August 4, 2014

Review: General Pencil Company The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver (AKA The Best Cleanser Ever)

I'm not that easily impressed by cleansers. Usually I use dish soap and olive oil, and it works just fine. But this product really knocked my brush cleaning socks off, and here's why. 

Here's what it looks like. It's basically a plastic tube with a lid that contains a solid chunk of cleanser in it. Reminds me of the BlenderCleanser. But without the $16 price tag. 

It smells like lemon. And a good lemon, not that kitchen cleaning lemon. I find that the scent does not linger too long on my brushes though, it's very faint. 

And you might notice that this brush cleaner is made for painting brushes. I was reading the Amazon reviews and some lady said she uses this for her $100 watercolor brushes made out of unicorn hair or something, so I figured it would do the job for mine and keep them in good shape. 

The instructions are pretty simple, swirl brush in the container and rinse clean. I found that this does not foam up as much as other cleaners but that didn't bother me too much. It makes me feel like it's gentler anyway. You can also swirl it in the container once the brushes are dry and this helps preserve and condition them. 

And you can get this on Amazon for $7.70 here for 2.5 oz. A quick google search shows that it's also available (for like $5) at Walmart and art stores, but I'm an impatient person who loves their Amazon prime. 

But now the main question is, how good is the cleanser really?

Here is a lovely before and after of some of my white eyeshadow brushes and a Real Techniques Buffing brush. 

How did I manage to put these in the wrong order. 

Either way. They look pretty clean. But you might say "hmmm, I think my cleaner would do as good of a job". 

So I present to you exhibit A. My white Beauty Blender. 

One of the take away points from this post is to never buy a white Beauty Blender. Because they are impossible to clean. And I though my poor sponge was done for. This is after I tried cleaning it with dish soap, brush cleaner and the actual Beauty Blender cleanser. Shout out to Beauty Blender for making a product that can't clean the only makeup sponge they sell. 

But here it is after a sudsy session with the new cleaner. 

He looks almost as good as new. 

And this is why I'm a convert. 

So I think this is definitely a great product for people who find that regular cleaners just don't get their makeup tools clean enough. It's also nice for those who travel because you can just scoop out a chunk and put it into a little travel pot. And it doesn't take up your precious liquid space. So try this guy out. 


  1. Wow! What a difference. You just converted me! I think I'll be making a sneaky purchase!! Xxx

    The Sunday Chapter

  2. Good to hear it! You won't be disappointed.

  3. They also come in tiny 1oz containers as well, it's what I used for my lighter brushes because it gets rid of the stains. Still haven't found out what's in it exactly.

  4. Is this better than the Beautyblender cleanser? I hate washing my brushes haha.


  5. It's so much better! And cheaper too.

  6. Holy cow. The difference of the beauty blender! I bet this makes washing brushes more fun. I'm adding this to my amazon cart right now.

  7. hehe the unicorn hair reference made me laugh :) this product sounds like one of those gems only a few people know about. i dont think we have it here tho.

  8. Your Beauty Blender looks decidedly non-disgusting in the 'after' pic! Very impressive indeed.