Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: Lorac Skinny Nude Palette

I really wasn't going to buy this palette, but then on the same day I saw like 3 different people review it and say it was awesome. And then once it started selling out everywhere, I just had to have it. I don't even know why. So here's a review of the $15 Skinny Nude Palette from Lorac. 

You can (in theory) buy this pallete at, and It's $15 everywhere and all three of those sites have free shipping. 

First off, I would like to address the price on this pallete. It's $15 for .45 oz of shadows. That's really awesome. 

The Lorac Pro palette is $42 for .32 oz of shadow. What the flippety fuck. 

How is it possible that the brand sells their shadows for such big price differences? Are the ingredients worse? I don't even understand. The quality of this palette (for the most part) is on par with the Lorac Pro. And you get so much more shadow. Do they just roll dice to see what to price their shadows at? I NEED TO KNOW. 

Anyway. The packaging is their usual cardboard type of deal, but with a beige snake print. I guess it's pretty snazzy. 

The palette comes with 7 shades, 3 mattes and 4 shimmers. My camera might be making the last shade look purple, but it's a shimmery chocolate brown. Overall, all of the shades are pretty good with the exception of the third matte, the darker brown. It's just a little weak in terms of pigmentation. But I can forgive that. 

Here are the swatches. They're a little sloppy because I was doing them with my left hand as I had foundation swatches on my other arm (beauty blogger problems). These are one swipe with no primer, with two swipes on that weak dark brown matte shade. 

Here's a really simple look I did. I wasn't planning on wearing makeup today, but I had to try this baby out. I would say that this palette is a very orange type of neutral selection. But it's still pretty natural. For $15, you really can't go wrong. 


  1. This seems like a phenomenal deal. Why is it so cheap compared to their other offerings though?! Mysteries.

  2. Coincidentally enough, this palette is sold out basically everywhere. I kind of want to say the lower price means less buttery and refined eyeshadows. The SummerGLO and AfterGLO, for instance, were pretty cheap but also pretty bad.

    I would totally buy the Skinny palettes nonetheless, since they actually seem pretty good--if only they were actually in stock anywhere.

  3. Pretty! The price difference is curious, indeed.

  4. Veronica, it's at Nordstrom Rack! Like, there are stacks and stacks of it at the Nordstrom Racks that I've been there. Is there one near you?

  5. i like the packaging !
    also the color looks beautiful and pigmented..
    i'm going to look for it here


  6. I've never seen this palette before but $15 is such a great deal !

    Reminds me of the Urban decay naked basics :)

    Great review, it's a shame they don't sell this in Australia :(


  7. Oh what a lovely soft (and can I say PERFECTLY blended) look! Love it. This is indeed a great palette to have.

  8. The pricing of the palettes makes no sense, but at least this one's a great deal. I love how soft these shades look.

  9. damn i was too late on this, i didnt expect it to sold out so fast so i took time. the day i wanted to order it was sold out :(

  10. Lovely eye look! I really like those shades! I'm surprised it's only priced $15.

  11. Ooh, I haven't seen this palette- it looks amazing! Those warm shimmery shades look perfect with your blue eyes. Very pretty! xo