Friday, August 1, 2014

Shoes, Shoes Shoes. (Shoe Haul Spring/Summer 2014)

I decided to do something a little bit different today and show a shoe haul. My boyfriend says as a joke that I'm obsessed with cats, shoes and makeup. He's probably right. So here's the other side (the darker side?) of my obsession. I will try to link to places where you can find these shoes, but I tend to buy a lot of them on clearance so they might not be around anymore. Also, I got all of these other the last 3-4 months. Not like yesterday or anything. That would be a bit much.

Sometimes you want fancy shoes, and sometimes you want comfy shoes that you can wear on vacation and then retire. That's why I opted for these super cheap flats from Amazon. I have not worn them out yet, but they seem comfortable and fit true to size. I'm going to New York in two weeks and planning on walking a lot. But I don't want to seem dorky in some sneakers, so I figured these were a cute option.

H&M Sandals ($5)

I got these in a physical store and I don't think they're available anymore because they were marked down all the way to $5. They're very light, very comfy and bright enough to really jazz up all of my black and white outfits.

Another comfy shoes choice. I though these were very cute and a nice play on the Chukka style.

DV by Dolce Vita is the cheaper brand of Dolce Vita. DV8 is even cheaper than DV by Dolce Vita. DV8 is to avoided at all times unless you want to limp home after 2 hours in Windsor, Canada. I find DV to be a hit or miss. The shoes are less comfortable than the Dolce Vita ones, but the sandals are fine. So I took a leap of faith with these. And they're very comfortable for being 5 inches. They're not your "lets party for 7 hours straight shoes" but I walked about a mile in these and had no blisters. I also ordered half a size up because the toe box is rather small.

Sad Nameless Dolce Vita Wedges ($12 on Ebay)

The lady who was selling these had some very bad pictures up, but she listed them as a wedge. So I figured they would be pretty low and comfy. And no one was really bidding at $12 so I tried my luck. And then they came. And they're about 5.5 inches with like maybe an inch of platform. Which is so much taller than I thought. They're very soft, the usual Dolce Vita Suede, but I have a hard time walking in these. I'm still on the fence about these because the incline for my feet is so steep.

These are some kick ass shoes. They're high, but so is the platform, so the overall difference equates to about a 3.5 inch heel, which is totally doable for me. They're suede and very comfy. These would probably be my 7 hour party shoes. I have a love affair with Dolce Vita Suede Platforms because that style of shoe is ridiculously comfortable.

I really like wearing short, lace up boots in the winter, so I stock up during the summer. This pair from Wet Seal probably isn't like Chanel quality, but for $10, I don't mind too much. Plus, cheap sandals and heels make my feet hurt, but with boots I add enough socks that my feet are in pillow heaven.

Tilly's Boots ($10)

Just another pair of cheap boots. I always forget about but they have some great sales.

And there you have it. All of my shoes I recently got.

You might have also noticed that I have grey heel liners is a lot of my heels. Those are the Pedag Stop Padded Leather Heel Grips which you can get here on Amazon. They are by far the best heel grips I have ever tried, so if you're in the market for some, give these a go. 


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  2. Love this idea! and loooove the shoes. I hate shoes with platforms bc I'm already tall enough and they add too much height. I giggled at the walk barefood in Windsor comment. Done that...

  3. Man, I love all those Dolce Vita shoes. The turquoise platform sandals are cool!! Cats, shoes, makeup. The best things in life.

  4. Love the pumps and boots you got, they're so pretty!

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  5. Love the stripes and pop of color! Check out my blog for the latest in eyewear trends and let me know what you think!

  6. Haha. And you gotta rock the heels. It's okay if you're too tall. They make me too tall too.

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  9. wish i can pull off the chukka shoes, they generally make me look shorter hehe. btw giedre i like your lamp and the shiny silver thing that looks like a candle holder :)

  10. OMG, I have those H&M sandals, I bought them few years ago, they are super comfy! xx