Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Haul: Packages Received over Break.

I usually forget about holidays when ordering packages, so I go on vacation, come back, and then there are like 10 boxes waiting for me. But that's never a problem, because it's like Christmas all over again. This is going to be kind of a random haul, but there are definitely some good things that I want to share. 

First off is this trio of Forever 21 dresses. I mainly buy these for going out. This first one is the Kaleidoscope Bodycon dress. It was on sale at the time I got it, and buy one get one free, so both this one and the spotted white one below were $16 total, not a bad deal. And I have to say, for Forever 21, the quality of this dress is phenomenal, it feels like it could be from Express or Urban Outfitters. 

I'm 5'8, 130 pounds, and I got this dress in a medium. I would say that I could have gone for a small, but a medium is fine. It hits me just above the knee, so definitely longer than the model in the picture. And I would also say that this dress is a bra-less one. The back is too low and mesh, so even a strapless bra would be visible. But overall, it's a great fit, doesn't emphasize any squishy areas and looks much more expensive than it is. 

This is the Spotted Scuba Knit Dress and it's on sale for $13.99 right now. The material of this one is not quite as nice as the Kaleidiscope dress, but still good. It's a flattering cut, and the detailing at the shoulders looks very cool. You can definitely wear a strapless bra with this. I got a medium in this as well, and I think a small would be too short. 

This is the Bodycon Tank Dress and it still available for $6.90. For that price, you're obviously not going to get anything amazing. But I think this fits well, and is a good basic dress. There's nothing tragic going on with the length or the cut. I remember reading the reviews and some people said it was super big, others said it was super small. I ended up getting a medium, again, and I would say it is a tad looser than I want it to be. But I find that if I buy smalls from Forever 21, the length is just too short and I risk flashing people. So this was an okay purchase. This dress also comes in like 12 other colors. 

So, I seem to have gotten a pair of mens socks in my order. I will admit, I sometimes forget what I ordered. But it usually comes back to me as I'm opening the boxes. I am 99% sure I did not order mens socks. Mostly because I don't have men for these socks. And mens socks seem like a strange freebie for an order of dresses. So I guess we will never know. 

I also got a little black bow with a lobster claw (?) back. 

I got these Ava Ankle Boots from Target, because they were on sale, and I liked the first pair so much. Yes, I bought the same shoes twice. They look very sharp for being Target shoes, and despite the heel, they are very comfortable to walk in. I would definitely recommend picking up a pair. 

And I continued my Bath and Body Works candle addiction. All of these are the holiday scents, and they were on sale for $10. Plus I had a $10 off $30 coupon, so they were super reasonably priced. The first one is Vanilla Bean Noel, which I can't link because it's sold out. But this scent is really special. I never bothered with it, but I took one whiff, and now I'm sad that I didn't buy more. It's very sweet, but not just straight up vanilla. Then I got Marshmallow Fireside, which I have 3 of. But it is such a good scent, like cologne mixed with something sweet. Lastly I picked up Pumpkin Sugared Doughnut. I also like this one because I like sweet scents, but I think out of all their pumpkin offerings, the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle is the best. 

Now for some really sexy packages, I bought some Vitamin C off Amazon. I figured I could use some now that the weather is cold and everyone keeps getting sick. This was the best selling Vitamin C on there. 

And I finally got some of Benton's Snail Bee High Content Essence. I was slightly weary of it after the whole mold fiasco, but they seem to have fixed the problem and these new batches are good to go. 

And last but not least, I got some freebies. 


  1. HAHA definitely laughed out loud for the "sexy" comment about your amazon packages. Love those dresses! I lived in f21 dresses for going out in undergrad so I wouldn't care when someone spilled drinks on me, which would always happen. What do you use to get freebies? I signed up for a few websites a while ago, but never really went for it.

  2. in loove with all your dress !!
    could you do an ootd post ?


  3. Great haul! That first dress is hot, hot, hot, btw.

  4. Nice! I do the same thing and then get excited like a school girl when i see all my boxes...love that trio dress!

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