Sunday, February 8, 2015

January/February Favourites

I was going to put this up in January, but I'm afraid that I got a little lazy. So I decided to just do a combination of months, and add the things I have been loving in February too. Some of these items are new to me, and others are old favorites that I still love.

1. I have to mention Pocketderm. I know that I already did a review post on them, but I'm still in love. My skin is the best it has been since I was probably 12 years old. I rarely have breakouts, and when I do they are tiny pimples that go away within a day or two. This is probably the best beauty product that I have discovered in a very long time. My prescription is .018% tretinoin, 1% clindamycin and 8% azalaic acid, and I think I'll be keeping it for a while. If you use my referral link, you get the first month free. For that, click here

2. This is one of my old favourites that I have been using for a couple of months, the L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray. I find that the best value is buying it from Walmart, but a lot of pharmacy type stores have it. I love this hairspray because it's not too firm, and I can brush it out. I mostly use it to keep my bangs in place because they really like to blow around in the winter. 

3. I recently bought the Coastal Scents Reavealed 2 Palette and I really love it. I was never big into all the cheaper makeup companies like Coastal Scents and BH and whatnot. But I got a sample of this in my Birchbox and I was so impressed, that I had to have it. And I love this. The colors are very flattering and varied, and the pigmentation is top notch. Would recommend. I got mine on Amazon here

4. I find it hard to believe that I have not mentioned this product yet on my blog. But I love the Skin Food Honey Black Tea Cleansing Cream. I also get this on Amazon here. I basically have very sensitive skin and like to wear a lot of makeup. And I have a very very hard time finding cleansers that remove my makeup and don't irritate my skin. This is a mineral oil based makeup remover, and I rub it all over my dry face and then remove it with a damp washcloth. This stuff gets off the Benefit They're Real Mascara, which for me is the ultimate test. I usually follow it up with a very gentle cleanser like the Paula's Choice Creamy Cleanser. And those two are my magic duo. 

5. I can't say that I have ever truly been into lip liners. But with all the matte MAC lipliner hoopla going around, I decided that I need to try one out. I decided on Boldly Bare. Now, I have heard that this is a neutral pink lip liner. Uh okay. I definitely see more coral brown. But it does look very nice on my lips, truly a my lips but better shade. I have to say though, I was most impressed with the formula. It stays so well, and looks nice and matte. Or I apply it over lip balm and then it looks like a creamy lipstick. I'm so into it that I ordered another MAC lip pencil. This time in an actual pink. 

6. This is also a wildcard. Even more so because all the writing has rubbed off. How helpful. But this is the Sumita Pencil Eyeshadow in Champagne. I got it in a Glossybox a while back. And I hated it. Truly hated it. I have oily eyelids and if I only wear primer and this, it creases like crazy. But then I had an epiphany. I put it on top of primer as a second type of base for powder eyeshadows. And it's amazing. It makes shadows almost look foiled, like the special Stila foiled shadows. It just ups the glitter ante so much. And with powder shadows on top it doesn't crease. I like this so much that I might get more pencil type eyeshadows. 


  1. Great picks (:
    I really wanna try that palette.

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know (:

  2. I'm glad someone enjoys the hairspray! I either haven't been using it properly, or it's just not for me. I find that it doesn't do much to my hair, and that if I spray on more, I start getting nasal irritation, so it could be that I'm not spraying enough.

  3. That Revealed palette looks so pretty! I didn't realized it had so many colors in it, definitely seems worth checking out.