Friday, May 29, 2015

May 2015 Empties

Todays empties might be a bit sparse. And that is for several reasons. First of all, I recently moved to Florida, so I tried to use up all my stragglers to put less stuff in my luggage. Secondly, I moved to Florida and with the huge change in temperature and humidity, I can't really use all of my old products. But I still managed to finish off some things. 

1. L'Occitane Amande Concentre de Lait. If I had lots of money, I would buy everything with the almond scent from L'occitane and I would exist in a perpetual cloud of the stuff. So I always love getting samples of this. But it's $50 ish for a rather small jar. 

2. L'Occitane Arlesienne Lait de Beaute. This one I actually didn't care for. It was a very nice texture, very light, but too perfume-y for me. 

3. Sisley Anti-Agting Concentrate Firming Body Care. I am of the opinion that body creams rarely perform anything other than basic moisturizing. So I don't understand why anyone would spend $500 on this. AND it smells bad. 

4. Hada- Labo UV Creamy Gel. This is a holy grail item for me, so of course it's discontinued. Luckily though, I bought out an entire amazon shop. So I still have 6 bottles. But this is a phenomenal sunscreen. Like I said. I'm in Florida now and this is what I trust for my face. I was out at some fancy golf tournament for 8 hours, applied this every 2, and not a single freckle was darker. It's magical stuff. 

5. Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream. The more Benton I try in my life, the more I like it. I got this on a whim, and it's a great medium moisturizer. I can't use anything super heavy anymore, and this is great for the night time. Doesn't irritate sensitive skin and moisturizes without being heavy. I have no idea what kind of party the snails and bees are having on my face though. 

6. Paula's Choice C15 Super Booster. This is probably my 4th bottle of this. I can't even explain how much I love it. It makes everything brighter, makes my acne marks heal faster, and if you keep it in the fridge, gives your face a nice cooling burst. If you want to experience the magic, click here to get $10 off your purchase at Paula's Choice. 

7. Hayadi Really Long Name Hair Mask. This did nada. Less than nada actually. Since I didn't use my usual conditioner. 

8. Whish Shave Cream. I like this shaving cream because it feels like conditioner. But on the other hand, it feels like conditioner. Conditioner than I can get for $3 at Walgreens. 

9. Teeze Cosmetics Top Coat. I used this up because I misplaced my Seche Vite topcoat. It's pretty meh. 

10. Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar candle. This was a scent that grew on me. I really enjoyed it toward the end, and did end up purchasing another one. I personally think it smells more sophisticated than the name implies. 

11. SkinFood Royal Honey Eye Cream. This is already on my Amazon wishlist. I really enjoy products from the Skinfood Honey line. I seem to have puffy eyes here, which I have never had before. So I've been trying all sorts of patches, creams and cold spoons to remedy the situation. And this did seem to lessen the puffy ness. 

12. SkinFood Royal Honey Mask. Another sample I really liked. It's a never ending circle. I buy honey stuff from skin food, they send me honey samples. I think I might own the whole collection soon. But I thought this mask was super cool. It was like a non sticky form of honey, clear but slightly yellow and felt nice on the skin. And I thought the effects were similar to a real honey mask. 

13. Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream. This was another contender in the puffy eye saga. It did not help and it stung my skin. WHYYY. 

14. Stella by Stella Mccartney. This is a solid perfume but has no staying power. 

15. La Vie est Belle by Lancome. This I very much enjoyed. It reminded me of Flowerbomb, which I own. But it is so expensive that I rarely use it. What a situation. Either way, I will possibly buy this in the future. 

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