Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review: Michael Kors Bedford Large Leather Zip Clutch and Ordering from Net-A-Porter

I recently got the iPhone 6 and knowing my lifestyle I also got an otterbox case for it. And then I was presented with huge problem as it was not only too big for my current wristlet but also too big for most wristlets for carrying iPhones. And I generally only carry a wristlet around. So I went on a mission to find one on sale at maybe Macy's or Nordstrom or something. I was looking at the Michael Kors/ Marc Jacobs/ Kate Spade price point. And nada nothing. Everything was either not the right size or way too expensive. And that I managed to find a "clutch" on Net-A-Porter. It was not on sale or anything and that made me cry a bit, but I bought it anyway. And here are my thoughts on it in case fellow giant phone cases people need one. 

First off, Net-A-Porter is a luxury site that sells super cool clothes, shoes and beauty products. And they're mostly all super expensive, but they do have brands like Michael Kors and J Crew and whatnot. And they do have sales. I felt pretty comfortable ordering from them because they had free shipping and returns. And I'm into that. 

Their free shipping speed is 3 business days. I placed the order on a Saturday and got the order on a Thursday. 

And during checkout they have an option between their fancy Net-A-Porter packaging and normal packaging. Since the fancy one is free, I definitely went for that. And basically they put your order in a nice black box and tie a ribbon around it. I definitely kept the box for storage. 

How exciting. 

Now. Net-A-Porter calls this a "Michael Kors Essentials Textured-Leather Pouch" and it is $90 on their website here. 

However, on the Michael Kors website it is called the "Bedford Large Leather Zip Clutch" and it is $88 for a beige one and $52.80 for a hot pink one here. I'm not sure why the website does not offer it in black, but that was pretty important to me. So I didn't mind paying more for it versus the pink one. 

It is basically what I call a wristlet instead of a pouch or clutch, but I guess they all mean the same thing. This is quite big for a wristlet though. Most I have seen are like 6 inches by 4 inches and this one is 9.75 by 5.5 inches. So maybe it is a clutch. 

It has a strap on one side and a nice zipper pull. I prefer when the straps are not attached to the zipper. And this configuration does make it look somewhat fancier to me. 

I have to admit that I did not even look to see if it had pocket when I ordered it. But it definitely does. It has a thin longer one on one side, and card pockets on the other. 6 of them. However, I also imagine  card pockets to be sized to fit them the horizontal way. And these are meant to hold them the vertical way. I have demonstrated this very fancily with a metro card. 

At first I was pretty meh about it, but now I like it. It makes the cards easier to grab and they don't fall out of anything. 

I tried to demonstrate the size here with some beauty products as I was taking the pictures with my phone. To sum it up, this pouch would probably fit just about any phone with any sort of case. And with my regular iPhone 6, I could definitely fit in some beauty products and little accessories like that. 

This was my old wristlet by Michael Kors. And I would say it's about 2 and a half years old. It was stolen, returned and has rolled around on many floors. And it still looks nice. And that was the one of the reasons I got another one by Michael Kors. Because I think the quality is definitely there, especially for this style of soft leather. And if I really wanted to, I can put the old one in the new one. Or not. 

Either way, I hope this was helpful for your phone wristlet needs. 

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  1. Absolutely stunning, what a great little pouch!