Monday, May 15, 2017

Boxycharm May 2017 Unboxing and Review

Boxycharm is always my most consistently favorite box. It is $21 a month but the value is always high and there are always products that I can use. I will admit that last month was a bit lackluster, but I think this one definitely makes up for it. 

Here are all the products included this month. I believe the only variation was the contour palette, it was either this one or a cream version. Very happy I did not get the cream version because I am not a fan of those. 

IBY Powder Highlight and Contour Palette ($40)
TEMPTU x Boxycharm Liquid Glow Hand Applied Highlighter ($24)
Paddle Brush from Crown ($25)
The Convertible Brow from Brow Gal ($35)
The Brow Brush from Brow Gal ($14)

I am definitely a fan of this palette. The highlight shades are light enough for me to use as setting powder and MAYBE highlight. And the contour ones include warm and cool tones that are not too dark. The formula is soft and powdery, but I do prefer that over something hard. This is an A+ for me and I will be using it frequently. 

I have no problem with this liquid highlighter. It's a nice compact bottle and is a very pretty shade. I pictured it along with my other TEMPTU product from Boxycharm, the liquid bronzer. Both formulas are pretty similar. Very light and easy to blend. However, I find myself reaching for liquid highlighter even less than cream. I still have a nearly full Benefit High Beam from years ago. 

Here is the Crown brush next to another paddle brush I got in a kit from Amazon for $24. The $24 kit had 12 brushes too. And they feel exactly the same. So maybe not worth the price. However, they are nice brushes. I am a fingers or beauty blender type of person, but I do reach for these sometimes. They are great for applying a light layer of foundation or blending out liquid products. Plus the Crown one does come with a shield, which is great. 

Swatched wet and dry with the included brush. 

After I rubbed vigorously with my fingers trying to get the swatch off. 

This is another hit product for me. I do use powder for my brows and I prefer powder over pencil. The whole idea behind this palette is that it can be used dry as a powder or wet as a "pomade". I do have to say that the staying power is good, and great wet, especially the darkest shade. I love having the variation in one palette, because I do prefer a few different colors in different parts of the brown. Plus the pans are huge. These will last me forever. 

The brush is great too. Nice stiff spoolie and thin angled brush. 

Overall, I really like this box. I will save the highlighter and brush for a friend.

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