Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekend Roundup: Jacksonville, Miami and lots of IKEA : Part I

This weekend definitely felt like a whole bunch of crazy. It was my last day of work (after two years!), Kevin's birthday, our anniversary, and we planned on getting some work done at the new condo on Miami. I feel a little bit ragged after running around all weekend, but here is a peak at what I was up to. 

Kevin sent this floral arrangement to my work and it was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Ever. I didn't realize they made cat flowers. Perfect for the cat obsessed weirdo in your life. 

My boss was kind enough to hold a farewell lunch on my last day and it was such a nice experience. We went to Eleven South in Jacksonville Beach. They have a cool menu concept where you pick the "base" of your entree and then add a protein so you can mix and match everything. 

I had the Tuscan Tagliatelle with Mayport Shrimp and it was amazing. The pasta was light and had a delicious mix of tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach and other veggies. The shrimp were perfectly done, as usual. 

The dessert however, stole the show. It was called "Coffee and doughnuts" but definitely out of the ordinary. The "coffee" was espresso panna cotta and chocolate covered espresso beans. The "donut" were cinnamon sugar beignets. The whole thing was so delicious and beautiful. 

It was an amazing meal to end a great two years at work. 

Then we drove the 6 hours to Miami on Thursday. It was a rough ride, especially with a really bad rainstorm. But we got there ready to work. 

There is a saying that IKEA is the true test of your relationship. And that was sadly very true for us. I think we rage quit twice, I threw a screwdriver once, and Kevin threatened to go back to Jacksonville. But in the end, we put together a MALM bed, dresser, nightstand and ALEX storage unit. 

We had a few other things to put together but we just ran out of steam. I'm definitely looking forward to arranging everything and decorating once the hard stuff is finally in place. And I will do a very serious before/after post for the condo. 

Kevin probably would have murdered me if I didn't get him lunch. The chicken meatballs at IKEA are actually fire. With good macros too. Let's not talk about the cake macros. 

Kevin picked Fi'lia for our anniversary dinner. It's inside of the SLS hotel in Brickell and the restaurant is gorgeous. Super modern and green. They actually herbs growing in pots at the tables and the waitress would cut them off with little scissors into a bowl of oil for your bread. Super cute. 

I had the pesto pistachio pizza and it was excellent. Such an interesting flavor combination and the crust was thin and crunchy. I would definitely recommend this place if you find yourself in downtown Miami. 

We also had some after dinner drinks at the rooftop bar of "Delores but you can call be Lolita". It's quite an interesting name, and this place has one of the prettiest rooftops I have been to. Lots of lush greenery, lights and decor. 

They also have one of the best happy hours. 50% off of top shelf drinks made by a very cheery and dedicated bartender. I had the "Pom Pom" Margarita which was a delicious tequila orange drink but I don't think it was a margarita by any means. Kevin had a drink called "Anything Lolita wants" which got him some giggles at the bar from his fellow manly patrons, but it was also very good, a pomegranate martini like drink.

On our last night we were feeling pretty defeated and just wanted to get a quiet bite, have a walk around the city and get to bed so we could go to Naples. 

Kevin found Blackbird Ordinary as a cool place to get some before dinner drinks. They also had some good specials (hello half off) and all of the drinks were very interesting and came with lots of garnishes. I basically had a salad and a drink. I can't remember what it was called, but Kevin got the "Woodpecker" and it came with giant slices of crystallized ginger that I ate. Because they were delicious. 

And last but not least I have to give a shout out to Coyo Taco in Brickell. They had the best octopus taco I have ever had (right). The duck (left) was also delicious. It's a cool little taco shop on the main floor of a condo high rise and oh so worth it. 

And that was it for Miami! Stay tuned for part two where I went to Naples and did not put together furniture until I cried. 

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