Thursday, June 1, 2017

Weekend Roundup: Naples: Part II

After a couple of days in Miami, we drove to Naples for the more "relaxing" part of our vacation. As usual, everything was absolutely beautiful, manicured and clean to perfection. We were able to relax despite the hot weather, and it was nice to be there during the off season with less crowds. 

We went to Bice for an afternoon snack and drinks. It's right on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Third Street and has beautiful white modern decor. During happy hour all their dishes were 50% off and they had drink specials. We tried the Calamari which was very good and the sangria, which was excellent. Plus the glass is definitely big enough to share. 

We also had the opportunity to see the sunset. Naples sunsets are truly a sight. There is always a crowd of people on the beach taking pictures and soaking it all in. In Jacksonville we only get sunrises, and I am not *that* much of a morning person to go and see them. So this was a nice treat. 

I love walking on Fifth Avenue because all of the buildings are so beautiful and there are little surprises, like tiny parks and fountains. 

Here is me pretending I know something about the wine we got. 

We also had dinner at Bistro 821, a very nice Italian place on Fifth Avenue with outdoor seating. Italian is the most popular cuisine in Naples and it feels almost like a crime to get something else. Either way, Bistro 821 has an early dining special where you can get two entrees and a bottle of wine for $33. That is what we did. I had some delicious sausage mac and cheese (but fancy), while Kevin had the mussels. The portions were still huge! and I had to take about half of mine home. 

Here is one of my favorite installations near a parking garage. All the squares spin!

We drove around Port Royal this time to look at all the beautiful houses. I would definitely recommend that as an activity. There are so many styles! And many have artwork in front. I was particularly fond of this giraffe that one of the houses on First Street had. 

Even the construction barriers were cute and had art on them!

On our last morning we stopped by Bad Ass Coffee to samples some of their lattes. They are a super cute little shop on Third Street and their name pays homage to the donkeys that used to carry the coffee beans on their backs in Hawaii. I got a plain latte and it was delicious. Their flavored drinks are also amazing if you're feeling a bit like you want to treat yourself. 

We finished up our trip (sadly!) with breakfast at Jane's Cafe. It's a beautiful outdoor cafe on Third Street covered by umbrellas so you can always sit outside. And it was buzzing! They have the usual breakfast fare, but it tastes so good. Kevin went for the omelet and potatoes, and said the croissant was amazing. We even saw Jane walking around talking to customers. 

That was our little trip to South Florida. 

And now I need a rest from driving and being in the car so much. 

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