Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Boxycharm July 2017 Review

I'm always very excited for some Boxycharm action because it's my favorite box. It's $21 a month and you usually get a box full of full sized products. It's mostly makeup heavy, but they do send out things like brushes, masks, and other skincare goodies. 

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This month's box was super hyped up. And I have to admit that I was excited too. All of the products seemed like something I would enjoy and use. Plus they had some cool mainstream brands like Bare Minerals, Colourpop and Blinc. 

The first product is the Bare Minerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo. It does retail for $32 on the Sephora website, but I actually saw a BUNCH of these at TJ Maxx for $20. So it does look like a product that is being discontinued or getting new packaging. But even at the TJ Maxx prices, it's a nice value to have in the box. 

And I like it a lot. I am generally a loose powder user when I do my makeup in the morning, but this is a great duo to have on the go. I don't enjoy all matte powders so I like having the ability to mix and match or use the different sides on the different areas of the face. I also find that the shimmer side is not too shimmery, more like a luminous Hourglass powder. 

Overall, this was a hit for me and very useful in the summer when I always seem to have a greasy face due to the weather and wearing lots of sunscreen. 

So. First I want to walk about the value of this palette and then the actual review. I know that some people don't really care about the cost of each item in a box as long as they like it, and that it's not possible to have a bunch of really expensive nice things in a $20 box. But I personally like to consider that too. 

Anyway. Blinc is a brand most known for their tubing mascaras, which I have owned and used. They're pretty good, but also pretty pricey. This is a collaboration palette by them and Boxycharm. You can get it on their website for $45. 

And there is no way this is a $45 palette. There are lots of "internet" brands now that sell horrifyingly overpriced products and these products show up in boxes at their inflated values. But Blinc is a respected brand. This feels like a cheap drugstore palette, very light and flimsy. So I do have quarrels about the value and the packaging. 

These shadows however, are beautiful. They are exactly what I enjoy wearing. Shimmery neutrals that are light enough for me to use on the eyelid and inner corner. The texture is great, very soft and maybe a little powdery. But the color payoff is dramatic. 

This is only a shimmer palette though, so I do need to use others in conjunction to get a whole look. 

The shadows are also SO SOFT that it can be a problem. One already broke on me after I bumped the palette against my desk. I was able to fix it with some rubbing alcohol. However, I would prefer this formula over something harder that does not look as great on the lid. 

Up next we have a setting spray. Hooray for setting sprays. I do use them and I don't like to buy them.  This is from Project Beauty and retails for $32. The only real qualm I have with setting sprays are when they are too drying and make my face feel tight (I'm looking at you Coola). I find this one to be agreeable. I also like the nozzle. It sprays a thin spray and it's a nice heavy nozzle. 

Setting sprays can be kind of tough when you have dry skin like me. I try to stay away from any oil control ones and I don't use them in the winter. But they can be a lifesaver in the summer. I also really enjoy the Urban Decay all nighter and the Wet n Wild one. 

This product was a roller coaster for me. Wohoo Colorpop! Oh no Colorpop Matte Lip! Oh no what a Bright red! Oh this is actually a nude brown. Anyway. I do believe that is an accurate value at $6. 

I am not a fan of liquid lipsticks. My lips are just too dry and they make them look worse. I don't think I have ever gotten a liquid lip in a beauty box that I have enjoyed, sans for some Sephora brand minis that I use on occasion. And I had heard that the Colorpop mattes were EXTREMELY drying. So I was basically scared. I was also horrified at the color on the box that looked like a really bright pink. 

But them I was pleasantly surprised. The color is nice, an orange brown nude that goes well with my hair. And the formula is actually not that drying. Not an everyday color for me, but totally doable. I'm guessing it varies between shades, because I don't think anyone can describe this as super matte. 

So in the end I'm happy to have this. 

The last thing is an eyebrow pencil that I have few comments on. It's by Winky Lux (what a brand name) and valued at $12. It has a spoolie and pencil end. The pencil is thicker and not super pigmented for an eyebrow product. The color is fine. It's okay and I will use it but I am a brow powder type of person. 

And here are all of the products on my face. As you can see I lucked out with the lipstick color. I think it looks great with my hair. And I do love the shadows. So overall the box was a hit for me. 

The supposed value was $127 which seems high but I do feel like amount/quality of products was great this month. 

Again, if you're interested in Boxycharm feel free to use my referral here. 

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